So far I've got A's on all of my films in TV/Broadcast Production class this semester. Maybe someday I'll be acing in the film industry! =o
What the *bleep* have you done to your name. This is utterly gross.
Unrustle your jimmies. :)

At last, it is time. Red is going down.
The Lobby is flying by so fast, it's like 2007 Loungin' all over again. Come join the fun!

Come and get to know other members of the community. Saw this on Facebook today. All of

˙pǝɹoq ǝɹɐ ǝldoǝd ƃuᴉɹoq ʎluO
Only boring people are bored.
Love those who are close to you. You never know what tomorrow may bring. :)
Goodbye, old friend.
Creative procrastinator
I have often dreamed of a far off place, where a great warm welcome would be waiting for me
Live to express, not to impress
Never make a film dependent on the weather.

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