I haven't talked with ya in a while, so I suppose I'm due for a guestbook signing.

Yea..I'm late, but I just got this today.

~New Year stamp: credit goes to Norica_XIII

Happy Belated New Year!

I feel abd we haven't talked in forever hope you ahve't forgot about me my little graphic designer...lol hope your even better than before!

You signed mine and even though I took ages to sign back I did it. How do you like my stamp?

See you around

Rei and her squirrels (who, at this point in time, are on holiday stealing Kaiti's acorns).

Oh well!
I havn't stamped your guest book for a while so I am signing now. You are awsome. So here is what I have to say:

[img] [/img]

See ya around

heya heather!!!thank you for being a great friend!!
stamping rampage!!
i think i forgot to sign ur gest book for makin my banner ages ago so here

Hi. Thanx for the stamp. I decided to sign your guest Book.

Thank again. I am goin on a signing pree sometime. It is brillant.

Sorry Just testing this. Ummm. It isn't letting me cauz of that 125 character rule. I dislike that rule!!

See ya.

Hello, can we be neo-friends? send me a pm if so...
hello!just here to sign your guestbook!you are a really cool person and stay that!lol T.C.G.B.(take care goodbye)

~~~stamped by:isa~~~
I was wondering of you could pm me please and i want to know if you know how to get to your guest book...cause i do not! Hpw do you get a stamp or banner??? I am trying to get one my user is tacobellajr please sign my guest book, PM me and answer my questions if you can. Thank you and I read your profile...You sound really cool and I would like to become you friend!
Hey MR! You just got GB'd by Noobish!

Sadly, I don't have a stamp...

[stamp] insert stamp here [/stamp]

hi you seem nice and kind.i hope you like my stamp.maybe we can become neofreinds someday.
,hello!thank you for signing my guestbook!!i want to thank you for being my neofriend!XD!!
credit to jessie!
I'm going on a stamping rampage!

How are you?

-x- amos rocks -x-
hi saw you around the HM forums so i thought i would stamp ya!saw you like leia so here!!!
I finally got my stamp from you!!!!!Lookie!!!!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH, IT IS SO GREAT, AND I'LL GIVE YOU CREDIT ON MY BANNER THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u wana be frends we can talk about harvest moon
wel cya

nok ta

remember the sun well


ps do u play animal crossing cya
One super cool stamp comein your way!

Credit To MSLD

Best Friends,Right?
Thank you so much for the banner and stamp (that hopefully u're going to make for me!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!They're great, and I think that you're so good at making stamps and banners and avatars! Thank you again and again and again and again and...well, you know what i mean. Thanks again!!!!!!!!! harvest_fanatic

Hey Heather! I noticed you signed my guestbook, and I see you a lot in the HM: MFoMT forum, so I decided to sign yours as well.

I'm afraid I have a rather terrible habit of never checking my guestbook and forgetting to sign other people's guestbooks, so I apologize for that.

I hope you like the stamp! It's my personal favourite.


im signing to say thanx for the great banner its funky thanx again.
Hey, it's harvest_fanatic, and i wanted to repay the favor of you signing my guestbook! I love your stamp and avatar, and ur banner! maybe you can make a banner and stamp for me...? if you can, pm me! Thanks again, and see you around the harvest moon forums!

Hello. Thank you soo much for putting on that friends in your biography. I will be sure to do it in mine. Your so awsome. Hope to see you soon. By the way thanks for stamping my guestbook. See you around the forum. I will PM you sometime soon.

From Heather
Hi!Well...let's be good friends!And some people don't like the 125 word rule thing,AND I'M ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!!!PM me whenever!Have a happy day.