Duuude, I love the Taokaka-ness on your profile. XD ♥ I don't really see too many BlazBlue fans around here, so yeah, don't mind me. lol
For being one of three friends currently online, Starscream and I present this stamp:

Starscream is pleased

Make sure he stays happy by continuing to post!
Hello! I decided to sign your guestbook randomly. Anyway, I like your avatar (It's Cynthia from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, right?!?!). See you later!


P.S. If you have the time, please sign my guestbook!
I usually don't bother to sing guestbooks, but it's a duty when one is System fan!

Great to see another SOAD fan on Neo. We are usually few and far in between on this site. Anyway, have a good one!


I miss you, you should reply to my PMs more. I like talking to you, you're fun.
I love interacting with you in Loungin' and hijacking threads with you, it's definitely my highlight of visiting that place.
Not sure if I've ever signed your guestbook, now I have.

It's funny how I met you and thought you were annoying and I know that feeling was mutual. Neither of us liked each other and now you've seen me naked and brag about what I've got in threads. You really are an awesome self-esteem booster and I hope to return the favour, sweetheart.

Lot of hugs, kisses and anal sex

Love from Saul <3

P.S. << That guy has nothing on me.
I glad I finally got to meet you you seem like a really nice and cool person. you should stop by the mhfu hunter's tavern some more I'm always there lol. anyway I hope I see you around or talk to you over pm .

Thanks for signing the petition!We need all the signings we can get!
HAY, I REALLY LIKE YOUR SNOVER. Too bad you have really horrible tastes in music and that you hate me, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Just teasin', and high five for Lordi cause that shit is awesome.
ur ur hav sum lavly picterz haras n u shud teech me how 2 mayk em lyk dat 2. wen i put up ma gallry u shud cum n hav a lok at em. hav a luvy day
So, basically. I'm just signing guestbooks of awesome people.

Man, this character limit is *bleep*ing lame ;-;

...is this 125 characters yet? ;4;

Yep. thats about it. :3

Now for some added character length!

I lika da pie!

Happy Halloween Mia =3 Have fun. I really hope you get those grades back up so you can stay on Neo =D

Thanks for the candy! 83

Hey, Twilight, I been enjoying talking to you on MSN. You're a fun person to talk to. You're a really nice girl too. I'll be seeing you around. Oh and please feel free to sign back.
    I'm holding you on that kiss thing.

    Umm... a stamp... right...

    We'll save that for another day... Technical difficulties... heh heh.

Hi Mia! *Stamps.*

Thanks for helping in the Poke Kombat Clan

Really and Thanks for the other thing too!!!
You ready for mah killer stamp? here it is....

Hope you enjoy XD

now what is this about a kiss?
Here is my official and royal signing of your guestbook.

hey i hope im not late said that wierd rabbit in wonderland
here you go my stampie

Not a great stamp, but I always liked that picture.

Well, thanks for being awesome and everything

quote killdozer
if you sign my guestbook, i will kiss you!
no thanks on that but any whos here a signing. hope you sign me back

<---Pokeman Master--->
Hi,you've never heard off me i know.Just wanna drop you a message that i like your fanarts.I play pokemon too.Ok,you play pokemon emerald or sapphire?Many many questions.
I've Seen you around so here

Have a great day

You rock!

Thanks for the help!


There is a new form of Giratina, it's on my stamp.