C5-51PfwI3M Watch this video be. He goes over the entirety of this whole thing. Seriously, watch it all. So, has anyon

Hey Loungin', how are you? How has your day been? How's your life right now? Sometimes we all need an outlet for our

So I have a question for some people. Now, I had a roommate who I split an apartment with. He recently passed away. Now, emot

Oh Mirage Island, the one place in Hoenn I've never been. Never even seen the place outside of screenshots from the inter

Considering dumping some time back into the NeoWiki's. Not sure which one tho...

There have been numerous kinds of pre order bonuses in the past. I've taken a look through a bunch of them, and while Jap

So we all know that in past versions of Pokemon, there have been multitudes of ways to rebattle people. Originally, when they

Now, from what I can gather is that a lot of Pokemon only learn certain moves from past tutors in R/S/E. This requires people

--Quote Article-- A five-year-old boy who discovered a security vulnerability on Xbox Live has been thanked by Microsoft.

I drop the beat like old people with polio

Soooo, by now most people realize I have no real attachment to the name's I choose. (christ I was known as Twilight for a

.. and it's incredibly possible that this a complete lie? http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Gay-Server-Tip-Lifesty

Size: Preferably so it fits in Neo's standard signature. Description: I need the Starmie gif sizes down to fit Neo'

Blaming the president for every political issue is like blaming others for your own shortcomings.

Sooooo who else is a bit irritated that you can't play the Single Player without installing the three *bleep*ing gigabyte

If you played Black Ops 2, you'll know what I mean Anyone had this happen a lot, yet?

Pretty simply. What was your first car? To a lot of people, no matter how shitty the car was, no matter how much of a junker

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