So, me and a friend were talking during work today and we both play Destiny. We both have Ice Breakers and Gjallarhorn's,

Simple question: Whats your preferred character to play as and your least preferred one. Also, why do you feel the way you do

So I recently bought a computer off a friend. I watched the thing work before he _reformatted it_ and installed Windows 7 aga

Kind silly, but I've been utilizing a few tips for completing bounties easier because we all know how goddamn long some o

I figured we all got them. What's that one song, artist, album, or anything musical that you find liking however would be

Destiny got better. hawhaw

Anyone else getting an insurmountable amount of lag/frame rate issues whenever another player appears on your screen? I'v

For the entire duration of 2014, for everything we've had come and go, with such titles like Destiny, Super Smash Bros 3D

I bought Destiny the other day, found myself infatuated with it for a time being, and now I'm currently level 21, I think

The Witcher 2 sucks ballz. Combat is so *bleep*ing odd and uninteresting. Enemies are piss easy and you simply need to button mash to win. <_

From pumpkin Pie, to pumpkin muffins, to pumpkin cookies, pumpkin milkshakes, pumpkin beer/liquor, pumpkin lattes, and so for

Hey Loungin', how are you? How has your day been? How's your life right now? Sometimes we all need an outlet for our

So I have a question for some people. Now, I had a roommate who I split an apartment with. He recently passed away. Now, emot

Oh Mirage Island, the one place in Hoenn I've never been. Never even seen the place outside of screenshots from the inter

Considering dumping some time back into the NeoWiki's. Not sure which one tho...

There have been numerous kinds of pre order bonuses in the past. I've taken a look through a bunch of them, and while Jap

So we all know that in past versions of Pokemon, there have been multitudes of ways to rebattle people. Originally, when they

Now, from what I can gather is that a lot of Pokemon only learn certain moves from past tutors in R/S/E. This requires people

--Quote Article-- A five-year-old boy who discovered a security vulnerability on Xbox Live has been thanked by Microsoft.

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