"For who came down that path of shame
To behold the Night shine from which she came
From the light of the moon, the maiden rose
Entwined with nature from which she grows.

Oh Maiden of the troubled past
Can she hear my words at last?
Or is she doomed within her soul?
To never understand her role.

Oh, sweet traveller! cried the mist
You travel the wrong way, I must insist
You should turn back, for you will stray
To Where the spirits of the moon can not light your way

Oh Hush! the maiden gently cried
I am already dark deep inside,
No light shall shine until i find my place
No sign of happiness lies upon my face

I Travel where the wind is free
Where the lady of stars smiles beautifully
For they shall watch over, until the day
When I shall finally find my way"


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Review: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - this is one of the best

Aug 24, 2004

we all new that the lord of the ring trilogy would be hard to make, and peter jackson has done it wonderfully. this is the last part to frodos journey to destroy the ring, which at this time he doesnt actually want to do for he has grown...


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