Freedom of Speech On Neoseeker

Hello, folks. Before this edit, my neohome was a nice, simple neohome explaining my thoughts on some aspects of the site. I'm now going to be editing so that you learn a little bit about Neoseeker, and our "Freedom of Speech".

You see, many a time when I see someone get nailed in the forums, and they mutter and apology and take the punishment while grumbling. However, there is always seems to be that one member on this site who decideds to be an ass and argue, so I'm going to explain this to each and every one of you just how much your freedom goes.

In The Beginning...

There's not many restrictions we put on you when you decide to sign Neoseeker's TOS. In fact, Neo is very open in what they allow their members to post compared to a great many other sites that are on the internet.

Let's go over those little bits of the Terms of Service (TOS) that relate directly to your freedom to speak on these forums:

"Aside from FAQs and Walkthroughs, all user submitted reviews, comments, forum postings, tips/cheats, and other content that is posted on the site as part of the site content become the property of Neo Era Media, Inc and is protected by copyright."

"Neoseeker, and its operators and appointed moderators or adjudicators, reserve the right to remove any user contributed materials materials which are deemed grossly inaccurate, misleading, vulgar, racist, or otherwise inappropriate for a public contribution forum."

"Members who consistently contribute materials which are inappropriate and unwanted will be banned or even reported to the appropriate authorities."

"If you do not agree with any of these Terms and Conditions, do not use the site."

Banned! Restricting My Speech!

"Oh, no, some power hungry moderator has banned me from their forum! Oh no, now that I've complained repeatedly, a Super Moderator has banned me from the site! You're restricting my rights!"

Unfortunately for you, and fortunately for us, no, we aren't. You've crossed the rules in relation to our TOS, which is a bannable offense. As mentioned, if you refuse to follow our Terms and Rules, than don't use this site.

"Outrage! I'm an American/Canadian citizen! You are crossing the American Constitution/Canadian Privacy Act!"

Oh, really?

American Constitution: 1st Ammendment

I remember reading many a time users saying that I or one of my fellow moderators is crossing their rights to free speech granted them by the American constituion. While I'm sure some members have come up with arguments based on the internet and that it does not fall under any specific nationality, among other things, including the TOS, the whole problem stems from them reading the Constitution wrong, making them think that they can say whatever is on their mind.

First Ammendment:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

Congress shall make no law respecting...


You, my friend, are not only on a Canadian owned site (thereby, we are restricted by Canadian law), but you are also trying to place American government restrictions for Congress on Redemption's and Neoseekers backs. Neo Era Media is a privately owned company, and is therefore not restricted by these laws, as we are not Congress.

While you are on Neoseeker, you are a guest -- you may say whatever you want, in your own home. Just not on privately owned websites.

Wait, what about Canadian citizens?

The Canadian Privacy Act

Ah, now that we are in the correct country, we can talk however we want, right? Wrong. The Canadian Privacy Act clearly states:

"The purpose of this Act is to extend the present laws of Canada that protect the privacy of individuals with respect to personal information about themselves held by a government institution and that provide individuals with a right of access to that information."

Again, with respect to personal information about themselves held by a government institution -- we are not a government institution. Neoseeker is not a government run country and does not have to comply with your wishes. In fact, the right is more about giving individuals the right to access this information publicly.

So, the next time you feel a hankering to mention your rights in this forum, remember about this neohome, and consider yourself lucky that Neoseeker is so concerned for your browsing pleasure and safety.


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