Meh. I don't plan to pick up the game for a Wii U, and this more or less isn't going to change... read more

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Mishtram It only gives you a small time limit which is horrible. I never liked it in...
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No. No, no, no, not something I have to buy on the side as an additional add-on. I despise Amiibos... read more

Masterpieces seems kind of cool but I can see the retro gamer in me either wanting the entire one,... read more

More trophies! More specific requirements for trophies! Boxes for trophies!

... I have an... read more

We already knew about the 3DS as a controller. Not exactly the biggest news to hit the Wii U. read more

I really, really, really don't get the point of the fortress as anything other than a map to... read more

Crazy Order and getting a ton of rewards fast looks pretty good. If there is one thing that has... read more

I kind of like the 4 player versus 4 CPU set up, starting to see why everyone was so excited about... read more

Angry Birds but with a home run contest twist. Kind of cool, but not the most awesome thing they could have announced. read more

Smash tour looks pretty awesome, though, wish I had that to play with on the 3DS. Seems pretty fun. read more

I cannot explain how little the reversing of all-star mattered to me, haha. I honestly preferred... read more

I play it purely for the wackyness. That's it.

Either way, the devs are going pretty crazy...
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Not at all surprised that there has been a drop in Software titles this year. New consoles with a... read more

You can only go so long discussing some marginal differences between two platforms before you... read more

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn continues to prove its critics wrong. The MMORPG was...
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Big shoes to fill and and not a lot of time between the titles, I definitely agree with you there.... read more

As much fun as it was to put tiny dragon plushes on all my characters, there's a limit to the... read more

We know some of the plot and the background. We don't know a lot of the specifics, and the... read more

Man, it feels like it was only yesterday that top end games were looking for just a dual core... read more

Haha like the crowd, I'm thinking the whole telling us nothing about the plot is a good idea. I... read more

I mean, it should be beautiful. It's replacing a island "paradise" in the last game, haha.

The... read more

Reminds me pretty damned excessively of Star Trek Online, except with more of a Firefly twist. Not... read more

I've been watching all the stuff I can on Beyond Earth, terribly excited to pick it up myself. It... read more