This is Shawn Yaumara (or as you call me "New Guy")signing.Dragon Ball Z FTW!Please sign back.
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Please add me as a friend.
Hey Mish your probably my favourite member on Neoseeker and I really look up to you. Thanks man and please sign my Guestbook. Gee I hate this 125 minimum character thing.
Seen you around Loungin' a lot, so I'd thought I'd sign you!

You're a pretty cool guy. Keep up the posting and I look forward to seeing you around the forums!
The stamp:

I'm a man of my word!

Gotta hate that annoying 125 minimum character thing, makes me type all this pointless yadda yadda. This should do it by now...

Leaveing you an Awesome GB comment ;D
Haha, here is your first guestbook signing =D
With a really dope picture too!!!

Pretty dope huh?
See yah around!