Miragedres' achievements in UNO

Devotee (25G) 0 comments Win 40 games of UNO®.
Nov 25, 10
UNO Shark (30G) 0 comments Win ten 4-player games of UNO®, in any mode, on Xbox Live.
Nov 24, 10
Bluff (10G) 0 comments Successfully bluff on a Wild Draw Four twice in the same game.
Nov 23, 10
Multiplayer (10G) 0 comments Complete a 4-player game of UNO®, in any mode, on Xbox Live.
Mar 30, 09
Twister (15G) 0 comments Play 40 Reverse cards.
Mar 11, 09
Skip to My Lou (15G) 0 comments Play 40 Skip cards.
Mar 11, 09
High Noon (15G) 0 comments Play 40 Draw Two cards.
Mar 11, 09
Wild Thing (15G) 0 comments Successfully play 40 Wild or Wild Draw Four cards.
Mar 11, 09
Ace! (20G) 0 comments Go out without ever drawing a card.
Quick Change Artist (15G) 0 comments Change the color of the discard pile 5 or more times in a single round.
Wild Abandon (20G) 0 comments Go out with a Wild or Wild Draw Four card.
UNO! (10G) 0 comments Successfully call UNO! and win the game.

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