Can't wait! Just waiting on Captrap as a playable character >_> read more

Can't wait for this and I personally hold Neoseeker responsible for increasing my appetite. Period. read more

No I did not until you mentioned it.

And I second that hope that it is for xbox.... read more

This video is pretty cool. Don't know who I would give the edge too considering they look to be evenly matched.... read more

$69.99 is not that bad actually. I was half-hoping it was a Vita bundle instead... read more

quote shinbaku_vile
All my yes. If Final Fantasy 3/6 could... read more

quote Tiger go Meow
News on my Birthday? Thanks Square.

I need to play the first two still.
I say you have PLENTY of... read more

quote BrokenKnights
FFXIII-3??? I guess I ought to get on FFXIII-2. I've heard good things.
Stop having such a huge... read more

quote Momo
I personally couldn't get into TWEWY. I tried, but couldn't get into the characters and stories. I'll try...
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quote bluexy
I'm making a note here, just below: "Remember, Pokemon fans are vicious and you will never be adequate...
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quote Dantess26
everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Even if theirs stinks

Too many stinky opinions out there... read more

As beautiful as this looks, I will still get this game on the xbox 360. No knock to PC players though. read more

quote Nightmare Samurai
Actually bothered to watch the trailer.
What the hell? Vergil's a good guy now?
More like... read more