Damn Regirock. Y u no go in pogeyballz? PokemonEmerald GBA

Looks more like a cyborg than a ninja to me. I mean, wtf is up with his unnatural eyes?? read more

Considering I spent well over 300 hours on the Playstation back when it originally hit I can say that I definitely... read more

It's this kind of attention to detail that makes me support games like these. If only my Microsoft Word supported... read more

found Insanity Prevails' user review helpful

Does this mean I can finally complete Red Dead Redemption or do I need the original game first? read more

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quote Miragedres
I for one hope face-recognition does not become a mainstay. I actually hate driving...
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I for one hope face-recognition does not become a mainstay. I actually hate driving and usually let others drive my... read more

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Anyone worried oldschool-style RPG Etrian Odyssey 4 wouldn't make it westward

Can't... read more

I say this is a decent bundle. Games are quite a lot of fun and can take up quite a lot of time just messing around. read more

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What next? Resident Evil Vs Silent Hill???
This actually sounds like it would scare the crap out of me. I... read more

I think $10 / 800 Microsoft Points would have been the better price but regardlesss, the games look even better than... read more

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I'm all about dat edumacation myself.

Glad I am an ATLUS fanboy and pretty much buy all... read more

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I've played Zelda. It is a very fun game.
That it is. read more

Looks good but too bad it could not include the original Assassin's Creed game. I understand it looks pretty bad and... read more

Even cheesier than I would have imagined. Looks to weird for me. read more