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1. Finally got around to buying WO3 for 360, just played it lastnight for the first time, loved it.
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quote EricF
It annoys me that they seem to break this record every year. I wonder how many people buy this game just...
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Rust is the coolest color of the rainbow... I mean, wut? Happy to be your friend too! read more

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both of you go play Dwarf Fortress or Demon/Dark Souls and tell me all games are getting easier...
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But when the main game is so... casu-... dumbed do-.... I'll use 'streamlined' as to not offend any... read more

And my purchase of an Xbox360 over a PS3 all those years ago keeps paying dividends.... read more

Anybody need that 'Boned' achievement. I'm down. CastlevaniaHarmonyOfDespair X360
200 wins. Still not a decent deck built YuGiOh5DsDecadeDuels X360
I got a boat! And now I'm lost >_> DragonQuest6RealmsOfRevelation DS
Friggin World of Ruin kicking my ass... FinalFantasy6Advance GBA
Damn Regirock. Y u no go in pogeyballz? PokemonEmerald GBA

Looks more like a cyborg than a ninja to me. I mean, wtf is up with his unnatural eyes?? read more

Considering I spent well over 300 hours on the Playstation back when it originally hit I can say that I definitely... read more

It's this kind of attention to detail that makes me support games like these. If only my Microsoft Word supported... read more

found Insanity Prevails' user review helpful

Does this mean I can finally complete Red Dead Redemption or do I need the original game first? read more