Jun 13, 13 7:36pm

Fairy-Type > All other types. I for one am happy about. SCREW YOUR DRACONUSES! read more

Apr 11, 13 2:23am

Given enough time and consideration I think this would have worked considering I just WANT A DAMN MEGAMAN GAME.... read more

Apr 11, 13 2:17am

Sucks that the trailer ends with Hal (green) beating Hal (yellow). How will the story continue from there? Visuals... read more

Apr 11, 13 1:05am

Looked pretty cool. I would have just been fine with a re-hashed Battlefront 2 with some of the stuff in this video... read more

Mar 18, 13 8:27am

Happy to see Darkstalkers represented in ANY way. read more

Jan 23, 13 1:16pm

Go Yoshi! This should have an appearance by Kirby as well. read more

Jan 22, 13 9:16am

Borderlands 2 haz all my wuv. It's DLC doesn't but that's not here nor there... read more

Jan 15, 13 7:18pm

At 1001.31MB file size (as well as the compatibility d/l right before it on xbpx), prepare yourself a sandwich to... read more

Jan 14, 13 12:47pm
added kisshu24 as a friend
Jan 13, 13 2:36am

Unfortunately I play it only on the xbox 360. read more

Jan 11, 13 7:29am

quote THE MAS
Are you still up for that?
I am. Unfortunately we would need to find more people... I live on the East... read more

Jan 10, 13 2:01pm
likes Clief's blog post "Keeping fit"
Jan 10, 13 7:15am

Doesn't sound cheap at all. Just release Xbox 720 already. read more

Jan 5, 13 4:13pm

quote bluexy
miragedres I'm pretty sure it makes you the best person.

There is one image where they have a... read more

Jan 5, 13 4:07pm

quote Bass Ultra
Oh my god I want this game.
Ditto. Does this make me a weird bad person? read more

Dec 31, 12 1:15am

quote lovelyfisher
but a yellow vita bundle would have been sweet.
This x 1000. Sometimes I wonder how Marketing works... read more

Dec 26, 12 7:14am

quote Oglop
It looks good, but until combat is turn based again I'm not touching my favorite series.
Then you might be... read more

Dec 24, 12 7:41am

Black lingerie eh? They are trying to tell us something... read more

Dec 23, 12 11:50am

quote Animatrix
quote Miragedres
That first screenshot at the top of the article reminds me of a backyard I know...
read more

Dec 21, 12 3:19pm

quote tekmosis
Watch, it'll be something like "Mother 1-3 for 3DS", or "Mother 3 on 3DS" and then ..... "JAPAN...
read more

Dec 21, 12 2:40pm

A shout out to a fellow staff member? D'awwwwwww.

Anywho, the screenshots look both gripping and stunning. That first... read more

Dec 21, 12 11:30am

I don't think Borderlands 2 will push the envelope that faaar into racism but it does look like a slippery slope.... read more