likes Rust's status update: "Totally want a PS4 now."

Totally do but I hate day one console purchases. They are a bitch. read more

Fairy-Type > All other types. I for one am happy about. SCREW YOUR DRACONUSES! read more

Given enough time and consideration I think this would have worked considering I just WANT A DAMN MEGAMAN GAME.... read more

Sucks that the trailer ends with Hal (green) beating Hal (yellow). How will the story continue from there? Visuals... read more

Looked pretty cool. I would have just been fine with a re-hashed Battlefront 2 with some of the stuff in this video... read more

Borderlands 2 haz all my wuv. It's DLC doesn't but that's not here nor there... read more

At 1001.31MB file size (as well as the compatibility d/l right before it on xbpx), prepare yourself a sandwich to... read more

Unfortunately I play it only on the xbox 360. read more

quote THE MAS
Are you still up for that?
I am. Unfortunately we would need to find more people... I live on the East... read more

likes Clief's blog post "Keeping fit"

quote bluexy
miragedres I'm pretty sure it makes you the best person.

There is one image where they have a... read more