^ lol. At this rate, maybe Bullet Bill will show up as a driver in a future DLC... >_> read more

The more the merrier I guess? Not 100% sure how I feel about them considering the only game I knew... read more

Why doesn't somebody just pick this up and make it into a game already? I would buy it in a... read more

So that Billy Brake 3rd place at YCS San Mateo.. And Sam Jones winning our regionals down here in South Florida. Nice. read more

likes Swampert X's status update: "And so I spent the last 2 hours catching up to the AoT manga. My willpower was lacking."

Next time. Suck it up and BE A MAN! Also, potatoes are much more delicious when they're hot read more

likes Jeremy's status update: "Guys. I just got the best shit ever! You don't believe, man."