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everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Even if theirs stinks

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As beautiful as this looks, I will still get this game on the xbox 360. No knock to PC players though. read more

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Actually bothered to watch the trailer.
What the hell? Vergil's a good guy now?
More like... read more

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Vergil looks like a generic villain here. It just looks like a young Wesker with a... read more

found Mrblikey's user review helpful

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"Grand Theft Auto 3, which I would say is the best of the series anyway." 0_0 GTA 3, the best in the...
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Really hoping for .hack//G.U Collection as I have been dying to play those games for a while. I still...
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likes luffyluffy's status update: "Our barrage is too weak! Port side gunners, what are you doing?!"

Bout. Damn. Time.

I would like to think the King approves of this. read more

Wtf is wrong with people? Although this is cool it does NOT merit the price. But hey, to each his own... read more

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I think a lot of the discontent to DLC comes from publishers nickel and diming consumers by...
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