A remake of Final Fantasy VII is something Square Enix gets asked about every couple of years days. Square says that they would never make it unless they believed that the original could be topped. Perhaps now is that time, because a new rumor state....

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have been released to much fanfare, but there has been one negative point -- a game breaking bug that's ruined a few players' games. Should players save in specific areas within the main city of Lumiose the game will freeze u....

Square Enix has made their classic RPG Final Fantasy VII available via digital download across the internet.

If we've learned anything about the Japanese game industry by now, it's that they can and will turn...

is seeking for the seeker
Made it to 54 in Endless. How dafuq am I supposed to get to 65? TheKingOfFighters2002UnlimitedMatch X360
Current Remixed record: 34 Wins 104 Losses >_> SuperStreetFighter2TurboHDRemix X360
Anybody need that 'Boned' achievement. I'm down. CastlevaniaHarmonyOfDespair X360
200 wins. Still not a decent deck built YuGiOh5DsDecadeDuels X360
I got a boat! And now I'm lost >_> DragonQuest6RealmsOfRevelation DS
Friggin World of Ruin kicking my ass... FinalFantasy6Advance GBA
Damn Regirock. Y u no go in pogeyballz? PokemonEmerald GBA

ArtePiazza's fourth Dragon Quest handheld remake now has a release date, err... for Japan. Dragon Quest VII:...

The other big reveal during Nintendo's Wii U event this morning didn't receive as much fanfare as...

A fan of classic JRPG Final Fantasy 7 and platformer / mod suite LittleBigPlanet 2, James Colliver decided about...

Square Enix has said Final Fantasy 13's development team is set to unveil a "new direction" for...

Sony has announced three epic bundles that are in store to be released starting August 28, each for a mere...

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