Playing the demo for Super Smash Bros. Universe, I wish I could play as Robin :(
The ending of Yu Yu Hakusho makes me sad. Finished it this morning at 2am for the second time.
I really cannot wait until November for Super Smash Bros. Universe and Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby! I must have it NOWWW.
oh my god i've had my kurama plushie from yyh for 8 freaking years.
my sister made me take a which disney princess are you quiz and i got jasmine :/
sitting here with my laptop while my sister and her friend are drunk and the other one is drawing yu yu hakusho crap
having a sleep over with my two sisters and watching yu yu hakusho all night long :p
i finally had spare time to continue watching free!
beetle hunting in animal crossing new leaf makes me sleepy
I find myself always giving bells to my sisters in ACNL to pay the 'villain' aka Tom Nook. Its hard to say no to them for some odd reason :/
Im obsessed with Yu Yu Hakusho again...

Hello! My sister currently has Julian and Chrissy in her town and she wants to sell them. They aren't moving out at the m

aafksvnjsdb I start school again very soon :c Im not ready to suffer
Im thinking of opening a shop again acnl...but then again im not so sure...
Yay! Im back now after a month or so :) So many pm's and notifications >,< Im sorry!!!
Theres nothing wrong with not being a people' there? Im weird, I cant communicate well face to face.
Oh boy, my friend list reached 100 people...

Hello :) Im looking for Deli, my other sister's dreamie. I know he isnt popular and not a lot of people want him, so hope

Ive been bored lately...time to watch FMA...again...or maybe Doctor Who...again...
My sister just squished me because Lucky was in her campsite and she had no room. I was laying down on my bed and she squashed me >_< Help.
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