Im thinking of opening a shop again acnl...but then again im not so sure...
Yay! Im back now after a month or so :) So many pm's and notifications >,< Im sorry!!!
Theres nothing wrong with not being a people' there? Im weird, I cant communicate well face to face.
Oh boy, my friend list reached 100 people...

Hello :) Im looking for Deli, my other sister's dreamie. I know he isnt popular and not a lot of people want him, so hope

Ive been bored lately...time to watch FMA...again...or maybe Doctor Who...again...
My sister just squished me because Lucky was in her campsite and she had no room. I was laying down on my bed and she squashed me >_< Help.
This damn stalker keeps calling my cell phone....13 times today. I dont even know who's number this is...
I just finished FMA and FMA brotherhood...the 3rd time...*lurks into the shadows*...
Oh my god,Ankha was in my campsite and I had no space for her! I think Im going to cry T^T
Bored >_<....
I never thought that this would happen but....I got Lolly! :3

Hello :) I am desperately looking to buy Willow, she is my #1 dreamie! Please set your price. Thank you! :colored::colored::c

I feel like watching Full Metal Alchemist is a "must do" for me. Usually, at the end of the day, I find myself saying " Oh shoot! I didnt watch FMA today!" Even though I watched this already, the anime still gets me excited. If I finish it, and I will, I doubt that Im going to move on and watch another anime. Im probably just going to re-watch the whole series again! Besides, who can possibly stay away from cute Al? The english dub voice for him is so cute.

Usually when I see Phineas, I get all excited and ask for a badge. But today he gave me a Villager of Honor badge. A badge for players who have played over 500 hours. You make me feel horrible about myself Phineas. Thanks a lot...
-Studying- -Looks at laptop- "... FULL METAL (breathes heavily)....ALCHEMISSSTTT"
Oh cmon Lyle! Just give me an extra 500 points then I can have 200,000 house points xD

Portia is moving today, feel free to offer. If no one wants her within the next hour, im tting to the next day She is not 10

Please set your price for the cabana set if you have it :) Im also offering many other items, you can look at my thread &

Time to watch Full Metal Alchemist :D
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