My little winter wonderland has been washed away by the rain :(
Found a shiny Graveler by accident. You can get amazing things in Pokemon without trying.
I want to replay Pokemon Black 2 :/
I got an Eon Ticket! Latias here I come~
Happy birthday to me~ Time is going waayyy to fast without me noticing.
Ah yes, my favorite day of the month. Time to pig out.
I keep killing Deoxys in Omega Ruby -.- This is my third reset now.
SSB and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby comes out the same day? Seriously? There goes my money.
Note to self: Dont leave a basket full of candy with a "Take 1" sign outside or one person will take the all the candy, just like last year.
I finally got the Wii U, and wow the things I've been missing :/
I remembered my middle school years and how I was such a loner. I still am one :p
Gurren Lagann OST is so beautiful ♥
Awh such bad luck this month. I keep tripping on the way to class, just like in ACNL.
Playing the demo for Super Smash Bros. Universe, I wish I could play as Robin :(
The ending of Yu Yu Hakusho makes me sad. Finished it this morning at 2am for the second time.
I really cannot wait until November for Super Smash Bros. Universe and Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby! I must have it NOWWW.
oh my god i've had my kurama plushie from yyh for 8 freaking years.
my sister made me take a which disney princess are you quiz and i got jasmine :/
sitting here with my laptop while my sister and her friend are drunk and the other one is drawing yu yu hakusho crap
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