(Where do I start??)

Ahem, hi there, my name's Terra Aubrey and I like moonlight walks on the beach, candlelight dinners and...

(Wait, this isn't the dating service?)

... I was saying, call me Terra. You probably don't want to hear my life's story so here are just the facts in general: I love writing but I don't write much fanfiction...actually I don't write much at all. Until recently that is, I'm starting fanfic that I hope I will stick with for a while (as that being the problem I don't write alot). I enjoy writing becuase there's something about it that makes you feel like God. Anyhoo, I decided to join FFnet and Neoseeker because most of my friends don't have the same passion or interests as I do (ie writing, HP, and ToF). I don't really know why I hide my age (owing nothing to the fact that people will judge me instantly by my age>_>) but refer to my user profile if you really wish to know. Feel free to PM me anytime, whether you need help or just to chat. ^-^


My lovely and extravagantly large neofamily! All three of them! Well, that just makes you guys more special...*huggles*

Neobro:Knight of Gold, damyan aerth

I love you guys!


Stuff...and also things.


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Review: Seiken Densetsu 3 (Import) - One of the best games of Square

Jun 23, 2004

This is truely a wonderful game, with detailed characters and a great fighting system. The music isn't bad either. It's a challanging game that requires a lot of time (ie the leveling up) but fun nonetheless. It's replayability is fair, since...

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