Redalert501 Minime Guy
Dec 25, 06 5:39am

Merry Christmas, and to all a good night!

It is officially Xmas in New England in 20 minutes!

Not the best stamp, but all I have is MSPaintÂ…

Anyway, donÂ’t forget to sign back!

Charlie Minime Guy
Aug 16, 06 4:22am
ill sign u with stamp later im two lazy to get my stamps but sign my book with a stamp ok well if u need any user bars ask me or help anything sign back or die
PUDN_Puff Minime Guy
Jul 2, 06 5:12pm
Saw your sig, thought I'd take a peak at your guestbook, along with learning how to sign a guestbook. Also, what the hell is a stamp? I don't have much else to say, sooooo, I'll leave it at that...
bobotaco Minime Guy
Jun 23, 06 12:07am
new in smash bros. forum thought i'd sign...
sign back
Dark Bowser Minime Guy
Jun 21, 06 3:57am
what up. i saw you in the super smash bros forum, so i figured "what the hell? i'll sign this guy's gb". yeah, i read in your sig that you needed more gb entries, so here i am. unfortunately, i don't have a stamp to give you, but hey. you should try to sign my gb, when you have teh time. peace.
C Falcon Minime Guy
Jun 3, 06 12:45pm
I'll be the first. I did read your bio and I felt the same way about this site. I just wanted SSBM cheats and I saw fourms. Neoseeker is a really good site for games. Well hope you have a good time here.

C Falcon 725