Making art, and watching my digital equipment malfunction vastly.

My right, given name: "John;" or my online pseudonym: "Millet," if you prefer!

First, I hereby add a note about my well-loved PS/2:

Sniffle. My good old PS/2! ...I'll get back up. Sure I will. Never you worry your little self! .......
(Bah! I don wanna get a new PS/2!! i'll jus sit hre a while beside my good 'ol dying friend...and hold his old hand-held controller for the little while I have left with 'im.....)

Second, I might add as a couple of Genre's into these "Graphic Novels":


1) "I don't care enough to read any Graphic Novels," preferring instead Comic Books, and Daily Newspaper Style comic strips and also political cartoons.

2) I wanna make an animated TV series, maybe al' la Animé, which invokes a different style to just a Graphic Novel.

3) Maybe I should just finish this other thing I have been working really hard on, "My First Novel" (Science Fiction), without the Science Fiction computational ad fancy stuff (see, my computer is today in need of yet another repair call, which will cost me however much, and however long 'til I get it and done).

Yours Sincerely,

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