Well my name is Adam(except in Russia).I am currently waiting for my career in balloon modelling to take off. I'm already a huge success in the underground of many countries.

Remember kids, ROCK IS DEAD, long live paper and scissors!!! And, if you cross me then your uppance will come!!!


Hmm. The things I like. Lets see:

*Rock and/or Roll.

*My friends,you know who you are.And my enemies ,FEAR ME!!!

*And finally silly string-lets face it who dosn't like it!


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Review: Black - Black to basics

Apr 9, 2006

Everyone has heard of Black. Whoever says that they haven't are lying through their back teeth. However, people generally hold a misconception as to the games content - like I did. This is NOT a run and gun shooter, despite what you may think. Try...

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