UltimateLuigi Miles Girl111
Nov 08, 06 1:06am
Hi whats up remember me?

lol I haven't been on neo forever and I thought you had left too

Well seeya around

From the one but not only
Gamma_128 Miles Girl111
Jul 09, 06 6:54am
wutz up? lol mai name iz josh and i tok 2 u on aol sumtimez. i dont think i evar sined ur gestbuk be4 so i am doin dat now. wel bai bai!
Chaos Android17 Miles Girl111
Dec 03, 05 10:49pm

Hi! Remember me? No? Well, that... Stinks. Yes? Cool! I'm back, and crazier than ever! If we're ever online at the same time, give me a PM or sumthin and we'll talk, kay?

Note: We may have already been in contact since my actual return, but pretend this is out of the blue, okay?

Rheneas Miles Girl111
Sep 05, 05 4:53am
I must be really REALLY bored to actually be signing guestbooks at 11:00.

Oh well, my Chaotix obsession took over again.

You're probably thinking I should use a different themed stamp instead of always using the Chaotix, but if I didn't use the Chaotix, then that'd mean something's wrong with me.

(LyK, oMg! I dIdN'T sPlIt uP j00R cOUplEs ThIs tImE, LoL!)
SoraChao50 Miles Girl111
Jun 25, 05 3:12am
Y44y! I finished the stamp! It's really simple and spritey (huhuhu), but I thought I'd sign your guestbook with it first. ^^.

With much much much much much... *voice trails off*

Love! ^^.

Key Blader Miles Girl111
Jun 21, 05 9:06pm
hey you seem cool....sign back!...heres a stamp for you!
Zatch Girl Miles Girl111
Jun 16, 05 5:31am
Hi!You seem really cool!Heres a stamp!

I hope you like it:)See ya!

~Zatch Girl~
lordevil Miles Girl111
Apr 26, 05 5:34am
Hey Miles Girl111, I thought that you might like this stamp, so here ya go.

Sign back and PM me if you want to be friends. Bye!

From the one and only,
SoraChao50 Miles Girl111
Apr 14, 05 8:23pm
Sh1n1? A heartless?! Ack! The Darkness has swallowed you! Just like I told you it would!

*sigh* Oh well.

lordevil Miles Girl111
Apr 04, 05 4:31am
Hi, my name is lordevil and I thought you sounded cool, so I'm signing your guestbook.

Sign back and PM me if you want to be my Neofriend. See ya!

From the Lord of Evil,
im really bored just signing your gb again sign back.
just signing gb at random just thought that i would sign yours. sign back if you wish to.
metafor Miles Girl111
Mar 29, 05 5:54am

hey,sorry about the late signing,I had to log off just when I was going to sign this,and then I went to Cabo Rojo on Vacation......anyway,Happy B-Day!!
SoraChao50 Miles Girl111
Feb 24, 05 6:54pm
o0.... Immortality SUHCKS. Unless there's a never ending line of Kingdom Hearts games to come.

*daze* KH3,4,5,6...**


Ain't signed ne1's in a while. Here ya go.

You've been flagged by
Omni Miles Girl111
Feb 16, 05 6:40am
i guess i will sign the the thing to make you an immortal.

~memoirs from silent hill~
Skippy S Miles Girl111
Feb 14, 05 5:14pm
Hi, this is just a random signing, sign back if u want.
Some Chao pics


Little Britain Sketch

Andy: I want that one.
Lou: But you don't like that one.
Andy: Yea, I know.
Lou: So what's it to be then?
Andy: That one.
Andy: I don't like it.
All that's left for me to say is
Satokasu Suki Miles Girl111
Jan 02, 05 7:57pm

We haven't talked in ages!

I hope everything's good with you, and that
you had a nice Christmas. All the best for '05. ^^
Rheneas Miles Girl111
Dec 30, 04 4:50pm
I'VE GOTS A STAMPEH! (And eet's a banner too XD) You have convinced meh dat Wechina, Heavy and Bomb need ta be noticed more. XP W00t w00t.

AnD dA KaOtIkUsU OvErDoSe CoNtInuEs...
Zen The Wanderer Miles Girl111
Dec 23, 04 9:19am
Enjoy your Christmas, and New Year.

----- Zen, A Wanderer By Choice -----
Lord hack Miles Girl111
Nov 07, 04 10:18pm
I finnaly got a new stamp, so I'm gonna stamp you with it!

what doya think?
DQ Maniac Miles Girl111
Oct 30, 04 3:02am
metafor Miles Girl111
Oct 29, 04 2:01am
Hey.Saw you in a Couples thread and I wanetd to sign your g-book.Anyways, if you wanna talk or something,PM me. Feel free to sign My G-book,add me to your neofriends list, and/or visit My Neopage.I added you to my Neofriends list.Hope we can talk sometime!!
Lord hack Miles Girl111
Oct 26, 04 11:46pm
We haven't talked in a while, so I decided to sign. You removed Omni's master from your occupation and became a Chris respector, eh? Well, I'll destroy him myself, though my opinion of SonicX has pretty much gone down the gutter. That and I need a new stamp, signing a GB without one is work... And to make it the apropriate size, I have to add a quote.

"Transisting from the televised realm to uncut anime is like opening a door. Some people can't handle it."
Huzaifa Miles Girl111
Oct 22, 04 11:16pm
hello i'm just stamping random gbooks anyway i came to ures so here have a stamp sign mine back plz.hope u like the stamp.

take care
kooldude_383 Miles Girl111
Oct 19, 04 9:01pm

Hey hope we can be good friends in the future.So sign my g-book and keep Private messaging me and we can stay in touch throughout all the time. Peace. Hope to see you sometime later.