Legendary SSJ Goku Milennin
Sep 29, 07 3:12pm
Hey buddy... great to see you back.

Those days were so awesome back in DBZ: LSW

n00b: I found the last 3 charactes...

us; noooooo!!!!!!!!
simomatic Milennin
Apr 20, 07 7:22am
Haha man, good to see ya back on Neo. Truly missed ya like the others that have disappeared around here.

Hopefully this time you'll stay around much longer. =P

And this is my signing for the day.

Godspeed battler.

Dark Divine Alex Milennin
Dec 26, 06 7:15am
To think I just signed your old account. Kind of lucky that I found your new account or else I would have never known you had made a new one! Oh well hope we can still be friends. Merry Christmas!

Mario_1 Milennin
Dec 26, 06 12:10am
Merry Christmas, dude. Seeing the occasion, it'd be best for me to post a quickie painting I made of the birthday boy's father.

And there it is! I know, I might've gotten rusty.
Sosai X Milennin
Dec 25, 06 10:14pm

Bedankt voor de stamp...je tekening ziet er goed uit. Net als al je andere kunstwerkjes.

Hoe staat het leven in Zweden? Vier je de feestdagen eigenlijk? Wij niet echt...
Beetje vuurwerk met oud jaar en that's it.

Take care and stay safe.


ssbm freak Milennin
Dec 25, 06 7:19pm
But my stamp is not yet ready i am putting n00bslayer characters on it.

Blue Star, Larn, Selda, And Santa Clause. I will stamp you when it's done!