jespomo MikePavy
Mar 27, 05 1:35am
Hey there MikePavy

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
orez MikePavy
Feb 10, 05 3:02am
Your avatar is a man's ass...
jespomo MikePavy
Dec 24, 04 7:50pm

Merry Christmas Mike, have a good one.
Rob Dabank MikePavy
Sep 17, 04 8:08pm
Hey dude, that's a very, very, very nice avatar you got there, who is she? Got any more sexy pictures like that? Anyway, you have just been stamped by Rob DaBank, leader of Team 2Pac and future dominater of SvR Online.
Drew Gooden MikePavy
Sep 6, 04 5:14am
What's up? You're probably wondering why i'm signing your guestbook. Well, it's because I can, got a problem with that?

"What were you doing down by the river?! Fondling her yum-yums?! BUNDLING HER CUPCAKES?!!!" -- Mochon (FLCL)
Mr Matthews MikePavy
Jul 11, 04 9:21pm

DragoniteBallZ MikePavy
Jul 11, 04 12:56am
The Tamanegi Sensei MikePavy
Jul 9, 04 11:22pm
I shove *bleep* in booty go boom boom
DJ EGG MikePavy
Jul 9, 04 6:50am
I was going to sign your guestbook but then i got hi.

I was going to get banned for flaming but then i got hi.

I was going to post this pic ->

And i know he ha , cause i got , cause i got hi , cause i got hi.

Oh wait i did do all those things , HASH 4 LIFE.
YuanShiao45 MikePavy
Jul 8, 04 9:52pm
Yo Mikepavy, saw you in some threads and thought I'd drop by and sign your g-book. I luv your avatar and banner! I see your a ladies man! lol so am I. If you want to chat im at thepunisher0421. Peace out man.
rpgaction MikePavy
Jul 8, 04 9:52am
A simple crop, yet the beautiful simplicity of a woman's behind...

dotdotdotdotonetwothreeh4x0@@@@@2r!TRZZ!111 onefour$$$3652@!!!!!!!1122221n0000b22V@
The Tamanegi Sensei MikePavy
Jul 8, 04 9:14am
High Man we smokin on some dope man hydro

Hey dont forget we go to Tokyo Aug 16th, bout to take Tokyo by storm.

Raiden MikePavy
Jul 8, 04 6:01am
Hey MikePavy. I don't know you and you don't know me, but I'm just going on a Gbook signing spree cause I'm bored off my ass.

Sign mine back if you want. BTW, nice avatar.

Teeb MikePavy
Mar 21, 04 5:15pm
You aint such a dumbass because once you have clicked the link theres no way of stopping Anyway thanx for signing my guestbook.

DragoniteBallZ MikePavy
Dec 23, 03 11:29pm
Make the tradition merry. Shizzle under the mistletoe.

DragoniteBallZ MikePavy
Sep 4, 03 3:38am
Kuduros MikePavy
Jun 16, 03 9:42am
    4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
    2 cups corn oil
    1 egg, beaten
    1/3 cup water
    1/3 cup all-purpose flour
    1 1/2 tablespoons sesame seeds, toasted
    1 1/2 teaspoons salt
    1. Rinse chicken with cold water and pat dry with paper towels. Cut into 1x1x1/2 inch pieces.

    2. Fill a deep fryer with corn oil, no more than 1/3 full. Heat to medium heat.

    3. Place egg and water in a small bowl and mix well. Add the flour, sesame seeds and salt, stirring until a smooth batter is formed.

    4. Dip chicken pieces in batter and drain off any excess. Add battered chicken, a few pieces at a time, to the hot oil. Fry about 4 minutes or until golden brown and done (remove chicken from oil to test). Drain on paper towels.
Toyotomi MikePavy
Oct 28, 02 5:12am
I yor ma or pa callin' to get pack in your trailer pavolovichyich.

You small minded, fat arsed piece of duck shit.

Neo PM me with your yankee doo crap again, and i'll rip out ya eyes and shit in the sockets. It'll sit well with the crap you have for brains.

Lat time I looked, Vietnam 1, USA 0, so quit your pathetic attempts to piss me off. Gook power!!!!

Aggro MikePavy
Oct 23, 02 11:42pm
quote Pavy
Well Aggro, must feel pretty good to finally be rid of me and you must feel special to be the one to make a thread sealing my fate.
No problem, You sealed your own fate though. I was just the messenger.

You go ahead and think your god-delusional people are funny.
Mr Matthews MikePavy
Oct 21, 02 12:32am
Hey mikepavy! I decided to sign your guestbook because you are one funny guy. Some of your comments just make laugh. Anyways you are really cool and i'll see ya around the forums.

Q22 MikePavy
Oct 5, 02 3:20pm
HI thought i'd sine your book because i knew you from adavance wars and you were helpful.

thats it really so smell ya later
Andyc MikePavy
Oct 4, 02 11:42am
good to see you back pavy. I saw you today on the gta3 board and thought to myself is one of the best members comming back. Anyway post more banenrs of women and sign my guestbook.
sleek MikePavy
Oct 2, 02 10:10pm
Hey Mike, man that vanilla ice vice city rap was so funny. I laughed so hard when i listend to the actual song and sang your lyrics. LMAO :) See you around.
Amourette MikePavy
Oct 2, 02 1:38am
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.
DragoniteBallZ MikePavy
Oct 1, 02 4:23am
Great to see you back on Neoseeker! I certainly hope you keep those scandalous banners and avatars coming. They've always made you're posts look at.