Redalert501 Mike65707
Dec 27, 07 1:13am
‘Ello there and have a happy Christmahanukkwanza.

I used this last year, but don’t have time to make another one, so… meh.

Merry Christmas, and to all a good night!

Sign back pl0x. Just don’t take my presents.

Zamm5 M5ge Mike65707
Dec 23, 07 3:22am

Evgeni Malkin says Merry Christmas. He also said that if you sign back he will score a goal, so sign back!

Take care.
insominus Mike65707
Nov 8, 07 4:25am
Stampy Stamp

You've got Stamped by Kinny!

Mehehehe ... =/
Zamm5 M5ge Mike65707
Oct 5, 07 11:45pm
The best time of the year is upon us friend. October 5th, 7 pm est: Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Carolina Hurricanes.

It's time for some Pens hockey!

I know you're such a huge Pens fan, I even supplied you with videos!

Take care and remember, LET'S GO PENS
The Blue Flame Mike65707
May 28, 07 3:18am
Hey mate. I love your work in RS, very skilled & patient. Keep it up. ^^

Seeya around, mate.
Redalert501 Mike65707
Dec 25, 06 6:51am

Merry Christmas, and to all a good night!

It is officially Xmas in New England in 5 minutes!

Not the best stamp, but all I have is MSPaint…

Anyway, don’t forget to sign back!