I want to practice some PvP tactics and have people critique me. If you're interested in someone doing the same for you,

All in all, I'm just looking for critiques and info. Just say what you think about what's written: I'm going t

So, these are the two builds I've been using with great frequency. The sorcerer is in NG still, while the pyromancer is i

Pizza is, in real life, my absolutely favorite food of all time. I wanted to buy a metric ton of it and shove it down my Mii&

A player in NG cannot interact with a player in NG+ (artificial NG+ doesn't count, only a full world NG+ activated at the

My friend, an avid Dark Souls player, came over and hang out at my place for the past week. We've been doing constant PvP

I think I just found my favorite fashion souls outfit!

Poise in this game isn't at all what it was from Dark Souls I. Back then, 81 poise meant you're tanking every single

Jerome, Jerome, the metronome.

Lately, I've been playing around in PvP. I wanted to make a silly, but effective build, and here's what I came up wit

We've all seen a Santier's Spear, and it's ridiculous moveset. However, have you ever looked deep into it's a

Due to reasons, I might be unavailable to post for a few days. This is 50% due to the fact that I'll be pretty busy getti

I'm not too savvy when it comes to computer hardware... I want to go out and purchase a computer that is already ready to

Have any of you tried a flawless run? Beating the whole game while not taking any damage at all? This includes Smelter's

Pinwheel skeleton drive-bys.

Swordsman class, 4 starting Vigor. Northern Ritual Band +2 -50% Black Witch Domino Mask -15% Unleash Magic

Got a question that you want to be added? Feel free to PM me! Feel like a question isn't answered correctly, or that you

I found a silly little thing. In the Memory of Jeigh, whenever I summon Captain Drummond of the royal guard, he runs to the p

1. On the pause menu, there are four boxes to the rightmost portion of the screen. They appear to be empty portraits, what ex

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