I time travel a lot in New Leaf. There is one reason why I do this, and another reason why I don't solve it a different w

Me and six of my friends, a total of seven people, all got together to play the new Smash. We wanted to do a full 8 person fi

I just need one blue pansy, but my town is very much covered in flowers, making it a little hard to work towards hybrids (I a

Alright, so when laying down patterns, dropping items, or planting flowers, they always go in this order: The player is th

I read about this method of catching beetles on the island for mad _money_. So I chopped down some trees, planted some trees,

I've been here for a decent while, but I normally steer away from the lounge forums (like this one and the PokeLounge). M

Needed to clear some design spots, so I QR'd them instead of just saving them. First off, here are some flags. http:/

I had a decently long break between the games in the Souls series. I recently went back and played (offline) through Dark Sou

I'm not doing a Link cosplay, but the outfit I want to make does need them. I don't know how much they're wort

I've been searching a lot all across the internet for cute spreads to custom put onto beds. I found none. I drew one

Just earlier today, Gayle (ugh, Gayle) asked me to return an item to Tiffany, but instead of whatever her catchphrase used to

I want one of those really pretty beautiful towns that you see floating around the internet, but it looks like you need copio

Alright, so I just did some Trick or Treating in Animal Crossing. I'm poor and sad, so I'm hoping to let go of my lol

While I do plan on getting the whole Modern set later, I'm still new in the game and I don't have a ton of Bells. I&a

You know, the fish. I don't have much to offer, I have been playing New Leaf _very casually_ lately (my house has one roo

A lot of people pronounce it "E-poe-nah" or something like that, but ever since I was a kid I've pronounced it

Every DLC is out. We know all of the weapon in the game. What weapon is your end-all weapon and why? Can you even pick one

Often in the setting of a fantasy world, we see our intrepid heroes tackle the realm of monsters with naught but their armor,

Official frozen pizza test subject.

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