Here's a link. To summarize: - Curved Swords will have their parry times changed. - Seve

Halberds hit hard and have wide range with strong criticals, but they're slow to swing and have a hitbox that's sligh

So this is Lordran... It hasn't changed a bit.

Aside from friends and relatives, who all have you added? Celebs, fictional characters, ect.

I've been flipping around between basically every weapon in Dark Souls II, and I think I've finally found the one bui

Disconnects, extreme lag, and sometimes even progress regression. For now, it'd be best to avoid going online on PS3

I just can't. I can't even parry with the Monastery Scimitar.

I'm sure you've been parried by a Monastery Scimitar, the crutch of all parrying tools. Then you have the other curve

Assuming the player in mind has 60dex/60str/0int/0fth with no rings or active buffs, what weapon will deal the highest critic

"Ring of Flynn, the infamous thief. Utilizes the strength of the wind, such that lower equip load proportionally increa

I'm not going to say where to find it in the DLC, but somewhere in there lies a cute little skirt. I personally can't

With the new 1.06 update, it seems that MegaMule files, or files that start with basically everything, no longer load. The ga

Really, your Miis need to calm down when you give them something tasty. It's unnerving!

I went over to a friend's house to do some PvP in the blood arenas. We made a new build, one that utilized the Drakekeepe

I want to practice some PvP tactics and have people critique me. If you're interested in someone doing the same for you,

All in all, I'm just looking for critiques and info. Just say what you think about what's written: I'm going t

So, these are the two builds I've been using with great frequency. The sorcerer is in NG still, while the pyromancer is i

Pizza is, in real life, my absolutely favorite food of all time. I wanted to buy a metric ton of it and shove it down my Mii&

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