The second it's released Quixotic and I are gonna have a Mewtwo party.

Does anyone else miss the large, open worlds from older platformers like Spyro, SM64, and Banjo-Kazooie? Platformers nowadays

These are pretty much games that you can't get enough of. Either it's a game that you play front to back all the time

MM3D 100% - Done.
This isn't that big of a deal for me, but GTA V PC has been delayed AGAIN. It's gonna be another 3 weeks late.
Squiggle what does "TAKE ONE YO KNOW ONR‏" mean, exactly?

Are there any games that you're looking forward to in the upcoming months? Or perhaps are there any games that you are ho

In Melee we got a Young Link who was nothing special, just a small clone of his adult form. MM3D's recent release got me

The size of MM's Temples/Dungeons was really disappointing. Zelda U better have some huge dungeons to compensate >:[
Just got MM3D. Immediate nerdgasm.
Eiche Quixotic if you guys could stop filling up my.neoforum with replays that would be greeeeeaaaaat. Make a thread =D
The bowsercide is strong in Quixotic.
Almost done guys! Once we finish up this job I'll be back to my regular activity. Most likely Saturday.
Any good PC games that I should pick up when I build this? Preferably of the Racing genre.
GOTY 2015 Prediction: TLoZ MM 3D, easy.
I've been looking at the top 2014 lists and I was wondering... why does Neo hate racing games? Forza Horizon 2, MK8, and The Crew were 2014.
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