Mega Banette MidnightXS
Jul 27, 15 11:20am
Jul 06, 15 3:25am
Alright Neo, what have I missed? (And no, I'm not permanently back)
Apr 17, 15 8:47am
Goodbye, Neo.
Mega Banette MidnightXS
Apr 17, 15 8:45am
Apr 12, 15 10:37am
Gonna do soooo many 100%s once I get my new PC. Goodbye life.
Apr 12, 15 6:39am
2:47:11 on the clock with 400 Notes, 43 Jiggies, and 14 Honeycombs collected. Not bad considering I'm not doing a Banjo-Kazooie speedrun.
Apr 11, 15 11:28pm
destroyblogs --- Seriously, what's up with the status?
MidnightXS shared a video from
Apr 11, 15 3:28am Nothing else that can possibly happen this year will top this for me. Except for maybe Banjo-Kazooie Smash DLC.
Apr 08, 15 3:37pm
Nintendo doesn't realize that they can bring Ice Climbers back in a way that makes them a single character instead of two.
Apr 06, 15 12:54am
It's official: I have the best avatar on Neo.
MidnightXS shared a forum thread
Apr 05, 15 3:20pm

The following threads have been locked due to inactivity: *

Apr 05, 15 3:07pm
You know what my first shiny was? An Aerodactyl in the vs. Kyogre Battle CD in Pokemon XD. Couldn't keep it ffs.
Apr 04, 15 4:30pm
Squiggle and I are pretty good at SM64 co-op B)
Apr 03, 15 3:23am
Squiggle so I heard you leik spikes.
Apr 03, 15 12:37am
Mega Shuppet Chaos Team how do those rests feel?
Apr 02, 15 10:58pm
Erin on Banjo-Tooie: "This voice acting is tops!"
MidnightXS shared a link
Apr 02, 15 5:45pm

They're who I'm going to go ahead and cast my vote for. Sure, they may be owned by Rare but 3rd party characters stil

Mar 30, 15 3:55pm
Duck Hunt is the closest we'll ever come to having Banjo and Kazooie in Smash without hacks :'(
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