Aurigae keep running!
Getting paid tomorrow :cool:
Today is pretty boring :L

If you can recall the new ORAS map that was released, there is a large black area at the top.

] Welcome to the _B_lood _B__r_aw_l__e_rs _o__f_ _D_arkness _~_The Darkness Shrouds Us In Mystery As We March On To Victory

I'm trying to complete the national dex and need a few Pokemon. I can get most Pokemon on my own, but I'm not going t

Hey, if I provided someone with a legit .pkm file or an AR code for a custom pokemon, could you send it through the transport _+ABOUT US+_ Welcome to the Knights of t

If anybody would help me out, I'd appreciate it. My info is right below, in my sig.

I'm going to be breeding some Ferroseeds and eventually add some other great pokes. All I want are the X exclusive Mega S

I'll be breeding these for a while. All I ask in return are Mega Stones. Eventually I'll start adding other pokemon,

It's Friday the 13th :P
Bored at 5:30 in the morning :O
S**t! It's already 2 a.m.
Shayne where's my cake?
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