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Heley's/Midnight's Heart-Wrenching Story - by Kubrick

One day, Heley was given birth by unknown humans. They put her up for adoption, however it wasn't an ordinary orphanage; it was an orphanage for homosexual alpacas. One day, a pair of tranny llamas were planning to adopt her, and rename her to Midnight.

When Midnight was at the age of 6, the pair of tranny llamas listened to the song "Born This Way", and became so obsessed, that Midnight was not taken after for over 10 weeks. Social workers came in, and took her away, and put her back into the orphanage for homosexual alpacas.

When Midnight was 10, she was once again adopted, however, this time, it was by a small hobo dog named Alena, however this hobo dog was not homeless; she owned a castle, where Erin and Alena already lived in. She adopted Midnight and renamed her to Heley, without even knowing her first name Heley. Oh, the irony...

A few years later, Alena the Dog found Lleyton, and soon, Heley and Lleyton got married, and had many tingling moments together in bed.

However, few years after those tingling moments in bed, Lleyton had a horrible syndrome. It was called... the Trechikip syndrome, the rare disease where a human's ass grows huge and then explodes. However, even though he died, and hung out with Jesus, he came back down to Earth to his loving wife.

Now, Heley is a beautiful, sexy, tingle-making wife to Lleyton, and she'll continue to get tipsy until she dies. .