Sigma Midnight
Mar 27, 15 11:11am
Just wanted to say hey and that you did a fantastic job as a mod all around the site (just realized you demoted). I miss you hella dude btw!
Ciel Phantomhive Midnight
Mar 20, 15 3:59am
Midnight shared a forum thread
Feb 08, 15 1:50pm Mega hoopa hyperspace someth

PokeManiacY Midnight
Jan 14, 15 5:03am
I am dropping by to mention that you have the best Neohome ever. :o
Midnight shared a forum thread
Jan 12, 15 10:08pm Only picture of this I could find! I remember when I first saw this I

Midnight shared a forum thread
Nov 29, 14 7:21pm

How do you feel about using legendaries in your team? I haven't used a legendary pokemon for my main party apart from

DisbandedColten Midnight
Nov 27, 14 1:14pm
Your avatar...
DisbandedColten Midnight
Nov 24, 14 12:49pm
Is your background Spirited Away?
Midnight shared a forum thread
Nov 22, 14 4:06pm

I was wondering if every one is going to play through the game normally or will be doing something like a nuzlocke or monotyp

Midnight shared a forum thread
Nov 16, 14 5:43pm A lot of us has probably seen something from pokémon that doesn&

Midnight shared a forum thread
Oct 15, 14 5:00pm

Squiggle Midnight
Oct 03, 14 11:31pm
Gurl if you were my prison cell mate I'd pick up the soap. (;
Midnight shared a forum thread
Oct 02, 14 8:59pm Why did they do this to you? :redanger: So basically I started pl

Midnight shared a forum thread
Sep 27, 14 6:42pm

Sup guys! I know you all make some pretty nifty stuff here ;) so if you want find something to do wynaut do some entries for

dilute Midnight
Sep 10, 14 8:06pm
Sep 10, 14 4:27pm
getting really tired of getting MidnightXS's notifications B(
Midnight shared a news (@bluexy)
Aug 07, 14 4:47pm
Midnight shared a forum thread
Jul 26, 14 4:19pm

Hey everyone! This might be hard for some people who have been playing pokemon from the very beginning, but do you remember y

Midnight shared a link from
Jul 23, 14 6:13pm
omg DISNEY SLOTHS - Crafted from the finest Internets.

Midnight shared a forum thread
Jul 23, 14 3:53pm

Hi every one! :-D Ages ago I restarted my town and then forgot to play New Leaf regularly and well... my person doesn't l


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