The thing that matters the least may matter the most.
I need to gather all the items I can before battling Ansem in Final Rest. . . KingdomHearts PS2
Stuck on the Final Galaxy; need help ASAP SuperMarioGalaxy Wii
This game is fun and active. WiiSports Wii
Stuck like glue, need help FinalFantasyXII PS2
So much fun! Need help defeated Crawler in Lake Macalnia. FinalFantasyX PS2
I've finished this game five times in a row, but with cheats the last four times. It's boring now. . . Thrillville PS2
I can't figure out why I bought this game in the first place . . . SSX PS2
*sigh* What to say about this game . . . TheSims2 Xbox
Stuck on Riku after Destiny Islands, need help ASAP KingdomHeartsReChainOfMemories PS2
I bet the game twice, but I still missing some abilities and items. . . KingdomHearts2 PS2
I can't beat the two Manticores in Forest of Elrit with Velvet. Help me please! OdinSphere PS2
Absolute fav, but can't beat the Demon Battleship with Zegram. RogueGalaxy PS2
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