Well since you signed mine here ya go...Hope to see ya around the forums...dam 125 characters...

I would show you the middle finger right now for what you wrote but I broke it;( while playing baseball...dam finger..
signin ya guest book is wat im doin. I was bored so Im coin round' signin guestbooks. wat up homey dawg. (Im a gangsta:)) word

Peace out

Note: This is a randomly generated signing, that others will get the same as you.
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.
It's nice to see back on the GS2 forum, I haven't seen you post for awhile. Thanks for giving me that link in your PM. That forum's also cool, I hope we can make it as great as the one on Neoseeker.
I can't believe it. I've invented a stamp. Well, seeing as you're my mate, you'll be one of the first to suff... I mean, be blessed with this. Enjoy!

Stay cool Michael.

Hey sup Michael. I see your a SoM fan. Hehe you gotta love the classics. I see you around in many other PRG forums too. You need to hang around PSX RPGs instead of GBA ones lol j/k. Thanks for the comment I love providing info for RPGs. Well I will see you around. Be sure to visit FF7 and FFT forums sometime.
Just mucking around with my new sig, you better like it or else! I'll be sad;(

Hey Michael Dude^_^I've seen ya around the Golden Sun and GS2 forums, and in the BoF2 and Harvest Moon 3 forums so I came to sign your guestbook. I heard in the loungin' forum that you left, well I hope you come back someday and I hope we become better friends^_^Your really helpful, especially when I just joined and didn't complete Golden Sun. You and a few others helped me beat the game, thanks man^_^Well I hope I see ya around the forums again^_^

Hey M dude whats up??????? Sorry I forgot sign your guest book before.You've been really helpful both GS and GS2 forums good job keep your posting
P.S. please sign my guest book if you have the time
Peace out
Sup Michial dude.Let me guess your name is Michial.I have seen you on the MP4 threads.I will add you to my buddies.Can you do that to plus sign my guestbook?Thanks.
Hello Michael Dude, I thought I'd sign your Guestbook because you are starting to post in the 'Mario Party 4' forum. Thank You for posting there, I enjoy reading your opinions! Keep Posting at 'Mario Party 4.' I like your moving avatar of a Dragon-Like Creature. I shall hope to see you often at Neoseeker, until then, Bye!
I've seen you around in the forums, and I must say, if it wasn't for you, some of these forums would be pretty dead. Keep posting! See ya!
I just have to sign your book! you and me we make the ff9 forum have people come there! Any way hope you sign mime book back! AS soon as you can! (now!)
hehe.. thanks for signing my guestbook.
Thanx also for the warm welcome when I arrived at the FF9 forum, really nice of you.

PS: I like Secret of mana 2 too It's a great game.
... and also those others, (alas, I haven't tried Donkey kong 64, even though I would really want too)
Hi. This is Bobbobbybobbob, here to sign yooouuuur guest book. Still lookin' for BOF2, can't wait for Golden Sun2, almost exploding with anticipation. Have a nice day.
I guess i'm not the only gamefreak. I've seen you around the Golden Sun forum a lot, and you seen like an extremely helpful person. Keep it up.

Oh and Zell is really really cool.
Hi!!! maybe you know me maybe not. but I'm here to say hello. thank for your help for sometimes answering my questions.and I really appeciate that.thanx.
man micheal your a rrreeeaaalllyyyyy good friend to
Hey, sorry I did'nt sign earlier Micheal. Since I've returned I've seen you are oneof the main posters of golden sun. Glad your still neoseeking!
I'm glad you enjoy Golden Sun. You have some good opinions and information on games as well. I'm guessing you like RPG games the best (I do!). Your awesome, and I hope I continue to talk to you.
Wasup dude hey you got a lot of post am glad that you like pokemon hey i think you can be abig help when you get around 1000 or more post you can probaly be a mod your a great kid and you gota a great future in front of you
Even though you get denied in the request thread, you're still a valuable member on Neoseeker. You've made a lot of people smile and you're good attitude towards things is always a pleasant site. Best of luck in your future requests.
Thanx's for signing my guestbook ages ago, i would've signed sooner but i have been busy.
Anyway i thought I would say hi and see you in the Golden Sun forum.

what am i going to write here ?
I'll just make some smilies I don't know anything else to put here, except for thanks for supporting me !