Nov 9, 08 7:41am
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Oct 18, 07 10:03pm

If people find it wrong to steal in the real world, then why don't they find it wrong in the virtual world?

It's that... read more

Oct 18, 07 7:43pm

One could buy Autodesk's AutoCAD for $1000 and get a box with manual, CD and other little items.

One could hose their... read more

Oct 18, 07 7:38pm

We'll probablly start seeing more and more of this type of cluster farm duper computing. In fact, there was some CGI... read more

I had some few months ago made the switch. I had started using Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn back in early August. Come... posted Oct 18, 07 6:30pm

Oct 18, 07 5:18pm

I was not aware that sound waves constitute as "something".

That's the whole point of digital piracy. Because a... read more

Oct 17, 07 8:14pm

But who wants a real-to-life fighting game?

It's funner to have those characters who can leap ten times their own... read more

Oct 17, 07 8:02pm

Can they unequivocally prove that it is 90% bitumen?

Likely not.

Yes, they do have a very good idea of what's there,... read more

And here I thought Willie Coyote was the only one who purchased goods from the Acme catalogue. [image3 width=169... posted Oct 17, 07 7:53pm

Oct 17, 07 7:15pm

There is one; CUDA. read more

Oct 17, 07 7:12pm

Alberta is big, and the gound underneath is pretty big too. It's unlikely that they've covered every square inch to... read more

Oct 17, 07 6:40pm

Unless the geologists have pondered over every inch of earth (above and below ground) under Alberta, then they... read more

Ever imagined what would happen if a black hole were to get just a little too close to a star, or vise versa? Dr.... posted Oct 17, 07 6:34pm

Oct 17, 07 5:47pm

Hey, if the game looks just like the trailer (yet likely won't), I'd play it. read more

Oct 17, 07 5:43pm

Unfortunately, no one can say for certain exactly how much oil is available. Geologists can make an educated guess... read more

Oct 17, 07 5:32pm

Simple logic.

Apple makes money on the hardware and not the software.

Microsoft makes money on the software and not... read more

Oct 17, 07 7:40am

Alberta sits atop the biggest petroleum deposit outside the Arabian peninsula - as many as 300 billion recoverable... read more

Oct 16, 07 9:56pm

Time Machine and System Restore are features for the masses.

Specifically those masses that don't know very much... read more

Oct 16, 07 9:51pm

There is a lot of oil in northern Alberta, but it's all mixed with sand and rocks, hence the name 'The Alberta Tar... read more

Oct 16, 07 7:04pm

I don't know if I should mention this, but...

The Alberta Tar Sands in northern Alberta, Canada, has enough oil to... read more

Though it is pretty nice, the Apple iPhone caused some serious delays for Apples' sixth iteration of their OS X... posted Oct 16, 07 6:16pm

Oct 16, 07 4:27pm

It is a very old idea. But some recent ideas (millions of small solar panels in a pseudo ad-hoc array) do suggest... read more

Oct 16, 07 4:07pm

Hey, I agree. It promotes her.

But her lawyers may tell her on convince her that someone is stealing from her and... read more

Oct 15, 07 11:01pm

In Canada there is a small levy placed upon recordable media and MP3 players. That levy goes to compensate recording... read more

Oct 15, 07 5:09pm

Then perhaps someone should get to work on 'Baby Bit Torrent'. It wouldn't be hard to develop a Torrent type engine... read more