Yo, I came to these forums cuz I saw that it offered damn huge forum sections to almost every major game released! Good community.

I was born in mexico, and came to canada when I was young, so, YES I DO SPEAK ENGLISH ;)

I say that cuz 1/2 of the time some guy online will say "Hey mex, hhhablas ingliez?"

Anyways, I'm a proud owner of a sexy PS3.

These are the games I currently own or used to own:
(From most played, to least played)

Resistance 2
Rockband 1 & 2
SOCOM: Confrontation
Call of duty 4
That new Starwars game
Assasin's Creed


Programming (C#,, Java, C++(learning)), playing video games, being a proud PS3 owner, hating-fanboys (especially stuck-up 360 fanboys)

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