Brogeta Mewto SS4
Sep 18, 08 3:28am
Hey old friend how are ya, i'm gonna sign your Gbook, with my newest piece of art.

Hope you like it and hope your having a good life

Taillow Mewto SS4
Feb 12, 07 3:07am

Master Mew Mewto SS4
Oct 10, 05 6:49pm
Hey mewtoss4, I have a little show for you. enjoy it or else!

One day, Marth decided to challenge the champion Mewtwo for the SSBM title.

Mewtwo accepts. "OK Marth, but you are in MY world now."

So Marth and Mewtwo began fighting. Both of them exchanged powerful blows to each other one after another.

Neither of them were willing to give up. The championship meant a lot to both of them.

Finally, after an epic battle, Mewtwo delivers a final blow with his Shadow Ball, sending Marth flying he lost the rest of his energy.

So Mewtwo was victorious and remains champion. But Marth wasn't about to quit. So he decided to train more.


I hope you liked it. Now I gtg.

Statiix Mewto SS4
May 26, 05 12:56am

Seeing as you posted with this acount, i though I would sign this one too.

I finally made a stamp,

Taillow Mewto SS4
Apr 08, 05 11:57pm
Here's my new stamp.

Don't forget to sign back!
Taillow Mewto SS4
Apr 08, 05 11:57pm
Here's my new stamp.

Don't forget to sign back!
battleboy645 Mewto SS4
Apr 06, 05 1:09am
Hey Mewtoss I just wanted to stamp you for posting in my Digital Portfolio.

Well, Sign me back.
Chicken Fox Mewto SS4
Mar 29, 05 12:26pm
Well Here I am thanking you for the banners you made me, I loved both of them or was it even three I kinda forgot, but I am sure you get my message bro.

So Thank you one last time you are a Killer Friend Mewtoss4/Shorty

Chicken Fox
Skaterstar57 Mewto SS4
Mar 27, 05 7:59pm
Happy Easter!
Hehe, eat tons of chocolate!
Not too much though, hehehe.
Anyway, here's my stamp:

And here's some humour to cheer up your day.

Cheers! And have a fun Holiday.

Kaioshin Mewto SS4
Mar 27, 05 7:24pm
Thanks for making me TWO great banners! Here's a stamp! = D

sick among the pure Mewto SS4
Mar 27, 05 5:34pm
happy easter neofriend:

You made the Easter bunny mad
Dan Mumford Mewto SS4
Mar 27, 05 12:25am
Happy Easter

As we all know, with easter, the Oompa Loompa's have to work overtime to produce the chocolate that you will be eating, The only way to get them to work harder is to beat them with barbed wire whips and belts, this makes them work almost 10 times faster than usual!
So don't forget when your eating that chocolate, the Oompa Loompa's helped make that chocolate, they put all there blood, sweat and semen into it aswell!

For a limited time only, You too, can be a part of the "Dan Mumford Almighty Oompa Loompa Army"
To sign up, send a cheque of the amount of JUST £15.99 payable to Dan Mumford send to...

Dan Mumford
Oompa Loompa Heights(no pun intended)
Willy Wonka's Factory

Alternatively, send a pm to Dan Mumford With your name and Oompa'rank and your call will be returned shorty and you shall be added to the "Dan Mumford Almighty Oompa Loompa Army" page
jespomo Mewto SS4
Mar 27, 05 12:03am
Hey there mewtoss4

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo
serpent Mewto SS4
Mar 26, 05 8:34pm
yo, hanks for the kick ass banner and avatar.
couse you the man

tupac rulz

holmes Mewto SS4
Mar 24, 05 1:14pm


Taillow Mewto SS4
Mar 24, 05 1:49am
Hey, mewtoss4. I forgot to show you my new stamp. I'm sorry. Well, here it is:

KIng Bardock Mewto SS4
Mar 20, 05 3:37am
thx 4 da awsome sig I signing your g-book now you have to sign mine
Skaterstar57 Mewto SS4
Mar 19, 05 4:51am
Happy St. Patrick's Day, Shorty!
So what if I'm a day late?
The database errors held me back. >_<

Remember, I'm 70% Irish, so you can't blame me...

Taillow Mewto SS4
Feb 25, 05 1:09am
Hey, mewtoss4. Just wanted to show you my new stamp.

Vegeta dude Mewto SS4
Feb 21, 05 2:05am
Showing my thx by signing yo guestbook with the stamp you made me

arcanine22 Mewto SS4
Feb 21, 05 1:01am
thanx for the banner sorry i couldnt do this b4 i didnt know what a guestbook was back then. Please sign back

DareDevil5 Mewto SS4
Feb 19, 05 8:26pm
I thought I would sign a guestbook today: 2/19.
LOL, anyway, I hope ya sign mine.
-You've got stamped-
Skaterstar57 Mewto SS4
Feb 14, 05 7:01am
Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope you have a good one. XD
Well, here's my stamp: ^^

Take care!

Statiix Mewto SS4
Feb 14, 05 12:26am
Thanks for the avatar and nice graphics...

Keep up the work.

Now for my Awsome stamp

charade Mewto SS4
Feb 13, 05 5:37am

thanx again

the next time i need something from you ill give you a dollar

which is a lot more than i give anyone else considerin im the cheapest bastard in the world.

peace out