Shadic Hearts MewHearts
Mar 11, 13 7:31pm
I did this for............I don't know,but I just signed your guestbook.Yay...........
Shadic Hearts MewHearts
Feb 10, 13 11:57am
Thanks for tutoring me on this place.I've really grown to love this place,almost like a second or third home.Without you,I would've been lost.Thanks for all the help and tips,and thanks for being a good friend!Happy Chinese New Year!(Even though I'm not Chinese at all.)
Chromatus MewHearts
Dec 13, 12 5:36pm
You are a very nice person to be a around.
And a great since of humor!
DarkWhisperer MewHearts
Oct 5, 12 3:19pm
You're a BAWZZZ!!!!!
DarkWhisperer MewHearts
Oct 3, 12 5:41pm

BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! (Wwe reference but to you hehe)