It's been a while though. What's up??
Had a sudden impulse to visit.
I feel like I want to scream.
Bug bites have me crying.
Everytime I look at the status bar I like I'm supposed to write something mind blowing, but then my mind is like bleh.
I CANT EVEN! Tohru ends up with Kyo and not Yuki?!?! Fruits basket you're killing me...
You gave me a forever within the numbered days and im grateful
I'll run away with your footsteps.
When I'm in a room, its then crowded because its not just me and I only but its the weight I carry around the memories that come with it.
Do I give into my weakness and talk to you or do i forever wait in silence?
I miss the people i used to talk to on here...
Pretty bored talk to me?
Guysss I made a roleplay a coupled of days ago. Check it out!
If you noticed I'm not going to message you. if you still want a friendship with me then okay I wont pressure anyone.
The only question I'm asking is why I am I back?
Checking over some of my past statuses I realize how stupid I was back then...
Back for now anyway, havent decided if I wanted to be back permantly, anyway hi i guess
Made a new roleplay in the Roleplaying forum. check it out? join? : )
You make me feel the Lalalala <3
Donts worrys i got some chocolate.


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