My NeoLife Story
Chapter One
Sub-Chapter I: I was born in a place once known as Battle Creek, a place that was home to many dead, a place that is a tribute to the Angel Of Death. But let me start back a little farther back. My Father is Jonathan, better known as Master Chief. After he blew up the first Halo, his ship took a few stops, one was Tallon IV, where he met my Mother.

Sub-Chapter II: Samus had just beaten the Metroid Prime when Master Chiefs ship landed. Far away Samus spotted the ship, and abruptly turned into her Morph Ball. As Samus rolled up to Master Chief's ship, the door slowly crept open. "What....Is that?" Asked Cortana, Master Chief's AI. "I don't know" Said the Chief "But i guess we'll find out".

Sub Chapter III: With a shotgun in hand, He Tankly walked up to the Metal Ball, kicked it, then shrugged. He turned around, and out of the corner of his eye he saw the ball transfrom into a Cyborg like figure. He turned around, pointing his gun at the man/robot thing, as it did to him. The orange Cyborg didnt talk. What...or Who...Are you? Silently the orange cyborg lifted a Federation Bounty Hunter License that said "Samus Aran".

Sub Chapter IV:
Since that day, Master Chief and Samus Aran hadnt left each others side, until one day samus got a message from the Federation, "A telepathic message about the key to Ultimate Power has been intercepted, Contless Bounty Hunters are tracking it down as we speak, we need you to get the key to ultimate power", this was while Samus was impregnated with me. Samus and the Chief said their good byes, and then she was off.


Sayings of MetroidSeeker:
Abortion: Murder without a trial.
New Orleans Bath: Gay Pride was peaking.
Platypus: God has a sense of humour.
Crazy Hurricane seasons: The End is Near.
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