Ah god 2 years ago this was made, and you were so obsessed with this back then.

I feel old read more

likes batsman's status update: "you big,.. stupid,.. jellyfish"

quote Team Hydro Aura
ermahgerd MD. I MISSED YOUS

Nice to see you again too! read more

likes her status update: "WHAT DA HELL HAPPENED HERE?!! *Clearly hasn't been online in like ever*"

quote Aurigae
Welcome to the dark side, Allison.
Well I don't think I'll be on much here any more.... read more

WHAT DA HELL HAPPENED HERE?!! *Clearly hasn't been online in like ever*
Neoseeker bores the *bleep* out of me now. Yay for the always wild Pokemon Facebook community. Never a dull moment there.

Who the *bleep* sells a photo for that price though? I'm sure the sellers were trying to make it not look like a scam. read more

Not really feeling nostalgic but then again play these games on a weekly baises.

Now adays I'm... read more

It's okay heart, you can stop pounding now. Glad I don't live there. read more

Sooooo Excited to meet Batsman in less then two weeks <333

I went and pre-orderd the red one. Too awesome to pass up on. My old Zelda themed 3DS will just... read more