Wow, you finally did it. Took the name. I gotta show my respect. Love the band, everything they make. Love the new album. They've helped me become me. Metallica is the foundation of my sinister career and I would die for these guys. It seems like even their worst song bumps hard in my metal heart. You and I don't talk much but I see we share a common musical interest and if you're down for some Metalli-talk, PM me.

Stay metal, until it sleeps.
dude you are a rare breed here of some on who is into metal and is a drinker. frak yeah man. keep it metal

oh and is your neo name from that awsome band decapitated?
Hey, you have great taste in music, great taste in wrestling and you drink JD. Good man... we're not twins are we

anyways enough gayness - great job with the thread index in SDvsRAW09


See you around all the time and I like your music taste.

Keep rockin man.
jsut whant to say hi to wwe fan!!!!let it fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Metallica666 happy birthday, I don't have a present so this will have to do.

Hey dude, thanks for signing my g/book (twice). I appreciate that you told me you had already signed once. Well, I am signing back without a stamp because... I don't have one.
Take it easy man and see you around the forums.
I know you because we talk on MSN about Wrestling and SvR06 bollocks. It's fun, I have no idea why I'm signing your guestbook when I'm IM'ing you now. XD

Sign back.

Nicko Nevermore, Ironica lead guitarist-ish.

The great big ass stamp of Dash the Stampede, depicting a bunch of wrestlers I stuck together in a picture. Wow, That is Big