The Creator MetalGigadramon
Jul 26, 05 4:45pm
Oh well... Me and another DMW2 buddy navyblue89 used to reply every thread in the first page... I'd have my say and he'd have his two pence worth... Thank god we both weren't caught for spamming (if there were any:P). But it looks like you've been inactive for a while now. Well, hopefully you'll be back to surge DMW2 alive... Lolz.

Ciaoz. TC.
ayo43 MetalGigadramon
Mar 01, 05 6:21am
do you wish to trade or sell your breath of fire 4 to me? or if you have anyone who wishes can you send me an email at
Tres MetalGigadramon
Jan 19, 05 10:50pm

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high

Testing, Testing, Testing...
<>Gas bar not finish<>

Dragonfist MetalGigadramon
Jan 17, 05 5:03am
I just wanna say thanks for all the help that you've given me when I asked about links and when i was still a guest (yes i'm Dbzmastuh124 and remember Gogeta2006? That account of mine was somehow erased so I had to start a new one as DRAGONFIST! hahaha,anyway thanks again,your friend dragonfist.
Cute Chaos MetalGigadramon
Jan 14, 05 4:49pm
You've been...STAMPED~! Ke ke ke *Shifty eyes*

Kapura MetalGigadramon
Jan 14, 05 10:39am
Well i thank you for signing and i will see you around the forum, oh and thanks on the advice....



Cloud Strife7 MetalGigadramon
Jan 05, 05 9:01pm
You say you don't see me around anymore that's strange.. I'm ignin your GB. HE HE Tehe here you go

digital warp123 MetalGigadramon
Jan 02, 05 7:31pm
Greetings! thee wouldst like to stamp thy guest book.
And sign back or face the wrath of thee.

dranzer MetalGigadramon
Jan 01, 05 10:42pm
Well, thanks for the comments, I had stopped playing this game for awhile, while I had started on a new game.

I guess I do a lot of research and thinking involved when it comes to Digimon World 2003. Plus, I have for now given up that I cannot get access to the other sectors when I had defeated the World Champion, Kurt. See-ya around in the forums.
I'm just here to remind you to drink Labatt Blue.

Nina Wyndia MetalGigadramon
Dec 24, 04 9:40pm
Hi! Have a good Christmas, I'll see you on the forums.

digital warp123 MetalGigadramon
Dec 24, 04 2:58pm
Hi dude! just liked to stamp my new friend's guestbook

stamped by:
Miss Razz MetalGigadramon
Dec 24, 04 12:19pm
I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

King Ma Chao MetalGigadramon
Dec 24, 04 6:12am
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope your wish come true.[hey did I just made a ryhme back there yay and wish me luck me too okey]

Always Welcome a Digimon Fans!
holmes MetalGigadramon
Dec 21, 04 10:41pm
thanks man for your help you have been stamped

DQ Maniac MetalGigadramon
Dec 15, 04 12:21pm
Mr. Hankey and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Nina Wyndia MetalGigadramon
Nov 20, 04 7:38pm
Yo dude.


Can't think of much else to say...


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DQ Maniac MetalGigadramon
Oct 28, 04 9:59am
DQ Maniac MetalGigadramon
Sep 27, 04 6:30pm
azn knight blaze MetalGigadramon
Sep 07, 04 7:27am
i kno i just signed ur GB but now i made my 1st stamp and u et to have it. Oh, im kinda on a signing spree too.

c ya in the forums.
azn knight blaze MetalGigadramon
Sep 05, 04 11:09pm
hi, i saw u in the Digimon World 1 Forums and u helped me a lot. Thanx. So, wanna be neo-friends? Sign my GB or PM me if u want to.
Tidako MetalGigadramon
Aug 10, 04 10:20am
Hey, i expect you to have more enteries. Well i hate the stupid character thingy so I am just going to continue rambling on like I am right now so I don't have to say, blah....blah...blah.... eheh sorry. c ya round da digimon world forum!
DQ Maniac MetalGigadramon
Jun 10, 04 11:55am
Hey, thanks for signing my guestbook, Seth. Heh, as it says in my profile, I am indeed a Breath of Fire geek. Not just BoF4, but the entire series. Well, see ya around!

- Mike C.
Galacticdramon MetalGigadramon
Jun 04, 04 9:37pm
Surprised this is your first guestbook entry...anyway, I'm just about to add you to the NeoFriends list. See you around at the Digimon World Forum!