How do you delete your neoseeker?
Wonderland x47 me x0 (rust a guess ya know... I hate that boss so much.)
By the way, congratulations on moderator! Roxas
My mission tomorrow is to beat this wonderland boss for reals this time -.- hate this thing hahah!
When should you receive anniversary gifts ? Is it 6 months and then every year?
Making an epic red/blue deck to play Roxas when I come down to visit. :)
When you finally stop trying so hard, is when you find your answers.
Roxas is seriously the best boyfriend ever, loving magic and kingdom hearts! Thank you for sharing them with me.
Think it's time to change.
Best day ever at work I got to handle a pacman frog, cute little critters!
Stupid wonderland boss how do you even kill it!
"Dear, Math, I am tired of having to find your X, please just except the fact that no one can understand her and she is gone."
Monday Night Raw in 50min! :D Roxas
What is the top 3 things on your bucket list?
Victory comes from the heart, failure comes from your mind.
I am officially onto Third District
Kingdom hearts, why are you so awesome!
Friday night smack down ! Just missing my watching buddy Roxas
Kingdom Hearts time. Roxas
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