Hey hey. Da names Melody. It's M to the Y lol! heh heh sorry, I'm just that kinda person. But the weird thing about it is I'm asian!! Psh........ok enough with that. I have alot of nick names, Mel, Melo, Sis, and for some reason Melo's Inc? (IDM!!! >_< I'm soooo sorry you guys! Well that's another problem with me I'm am so forgetful. You tell me something and the second later it's "poof!" Well anyway back to family.
Um my trio thing is eagle n cloud. They are like twins for some reason and they really get on my nerves sometime but hey I love them to bits.
My kuya or older brother is Hito. He's over protective. One time he warned a guy for hitting on me. =P but if you be nice to me you don't need to worry bout' him. Hey I'm a nice person anyway.
My neo bros IDM, Dark, BMXPro, Weapon they are like the best people I ever met. I get into a lot of trouble with theses guys though ^,^' but they still care and that's why I love them lotz!
My neo sistahz are Chobi, Mai, n Rinoa.
Chobi was my veri first neo sis! she is like the best. We would get high on sugah n start runnin around like crazi lil monkeys! haha! Mai n rinoa are 2 of my neo bros g/f. So ya know, we're kewl.
O by the way, I live in hawaii. Yeah hawaii. But one thang we do not live in grass houses or wear grass skirts like dat. If we did I wouldn't be here now wouldn't I? ^,^ It is a really beautiful place to live. Really.
Well thankz for reading this. I know it was very very long. heh heh sorry. Well if you took all that time readin this you must really want to know me, so drop a pm sometime and we can get to be friends! Bye!!!


~*I didn't.......I couldn't......*~
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Review: Pokémon Stadium 2 - Very good.

Jun 14, 2002

This game is very good. It allows you to be in the game. I tis looks so real. I even learn more at the Acadamy. This a good game. This game has trivia! I luv that. I makes me test my knowledge. I love the great effects and all of the pokemon you...

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