Game Wizard Megatonguilmon
Oct 24, 04 3:56am
I know you proably don't know me. I've seen you around the Halo Forum. You seem nice, it's sad to see your retiring from Neoseeker. Have a good life Megatonguilmon!!

bLuE_PiNaY_LvEr Megatonguilmon
Oct 21, 04 5:06am
One of them random signings...

Please sign &/or pm back if you don't mind...

Signed by Moi,
geggaboo Megatonguilmon
Oct 16, 04 8:33pm
hi as you are one hell of a friend i thought id stamp you so here it is see ya around
Homunculus Lover Megatonguilmon
Oct 14, 04 9:28am
Hey there. I've seen you around the Dark Cloud 2 forumand I thought I'd sign your guest book and say hi.

I've not been in the Dark Cloud forum for quite sometime. Haven't had the chance to complete it yet. Way too busy.

anytime you wanna sign back, I'd be very appreciative.

You've been signed by the one and the only 5% sane Demon Lover!
treecko3 Megatonguilmon
Jan 05, 04 6:09pm
i suck at spelling and i just wanted to say um...thanx for signing my gest book i need more signectures......

(i told u i suck at spelling)


loves gir!
Megacool999 Megatonguilmon
Nov 07, 03 5:27am
Hi sign my guest book sometime.
Here is my stamp:
neo7 Megatonguilmon
Oct 09, 03 5:26pm
hi ive seen you in the final fanstay 7 forum good luck man please sign my gb bac please

like the banner
DragoniteBallZ Megatonguilmon
Aug 02, 03 6:50pm
Wusup. Thank's for signing my book! Sorry, I dont know you that well, but I came to say Hi anyway.

DragoniteBallZ[img] align="right[/img]
GtaZero Megatonguilmon
Jul 22, 03 9:37am
hey thanks for signing my guestbook, so i guess its time for me to return the favor;).btw, i love ffx, nice avatar.

thanks,see you later.
mihaitrunks1120 Megatonguilmon
Jul 22, 03 9:05am
Hey, I saw your plea in Late Nite thread and came to the rescue. Keep on postin! And good luck with your staying awaking.


okumsup Megatonguilmon
Jul 22, 03 9:00am
hello hello i sign this, oopa doopa doopa dee doo, i want to sign this and so should you.. oopa doopa doopa dee doo
Unholy Assassin Megatonguilmon
Apr 09, 03 2:05pm
Hey, I finally got around to looking at my guestbook and saw that you signed it.... You told me to sign yours, so guess what I'm doing?!? Things are goin a lot better for me depression-wise if you're wondering. Only feelin that way when something REALLY bad goes wrong like.... I run into a big pole going full speed on a scooter (which I've done by the way.... ). Guess I gotta bounce!

Unholy Ass. (my new Sig )
Dude_Mcduderson Megatonguilmon
Apr 08, 03 11:13pm
THank you for joining the Simpson's Clue! I hope to see you around the forum and in the game often!

I think this is 125 character right about ........ ........ ........ ..... here...
swordblood20 Megatonguilmon
Mar 23, 03 9:00am
writing this before i go well its been fun chat with ya more about dark cloud 2 till then i relly dont no waht to say but thx for ur hel and ya well ok c ya later.
blackomnimon Megatonguilmon
Jan 28, 03 6:19pm
hi just thought id sign your guestbook i met you in the dmw1 and can you sign mine too because i dont have alot of people that signed it thankyou^_^
geggaboo Megatonguilmon
Jan 09, 03 12:03pm
hi i thought i would come on and sign your guestbook as you signed mine and also ive nearly finished your avatar i just have to finsh the hands they look really wonky
hi.just thought id sign your guestbook.can you sign mine too that would be great.

see ya

Amourette Megatonguilmon
Oct 01, 02 11:15pm
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.
Blackskullgreymon Megatonguilmon
Sep 19, 02 6:50pm
Hey, hey, hey! It's me! Your a great contribution to teh Digimon Forums, Megatonguilmon!! But, I have one question: WHERE did you get that avatar!?!?!!? I love it! DBZ is getting good, but I want to see Kakorot and Vegeta fuse. I bet it's tight, eh?
Choud Megatonguilmon
Sep 13, 02 1:46am
well im just signin it because you signed mine (Again!) well just signen so seeyah!

And im gonna say what i always say

HBK Rules!

cool3Dman Megatonguilmon
Sep 10, 02 3:00pm
Haha. Thanks for signing my guestbook. It's been a while since now, and mine is still two pages, while you? *sigh* I guess I'm not popular enough.

If I can remember, the first time we met is in the General Discussion in the Digimon WOrld 3 forum, right? LOL. I have no idea who you are back then, but now, perhaps we can know each other a little bit closer if you want and have the time of course. You're kinda cool, you know that? LOL.

Well, I hope we both can still chat in the GD thread in the DW3 forum. Let's keep the tradition, okay?

- Always keep in touch! -
KFC_Or_Bust Megatonguilmon
Sep 09, 02 12:30am
Hey man I've always thought your name is funny as hell because I imagine some fatass hick saying your name.

Well this would be longer but I just got back from a long ass day out and I'm tired!

See Ya Around,
TheRock Megatonguilmon
Sep 08, 02 8:25pm
FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME TO MEGATONGUILMON'S GUESTBOOK! And this will be the most electricfying sign in Sports and entertainment!

Zero009 Megatonguilmon
Sep 08, 02 3:49am
um isigned befire as agent008! but i'll sign again cause your a nice guy here's my new leaving note!

thanks the weak?
don't know think?
MegadramonX Megatonguilmon
Sep 07, 02 4:19am
You signed mine and I'm gonna counter by signing yours, It was nice of you to sign mine. Well, see you later, gotta go!