I was born in Regina and am currently still living here. My gamer tag on Xbox Live is DeAdLy ViSiOn, I like shooters, RPGs, Adventure, hell I enjoy most genre's of Video games so feel free to add me to ur friends list on Xbox Live if you wanna play some games.

On Final Fantasy XI Valefor server I am a Tarutaru White Mage / Ninja called Silvx. My Yahoo ID is Silvthetaru. I watch many different anime's, as you can see from my backgrounds some are Full Metal alchemist, Naruto, Neon genesis Evangelion, Love Hina, Chobits, Bleach, list goes on and on. Into computers, gaming, I enjoy reading if I can manage to find a really nice book.


Well well, Been such a long time isnce I first came to Neoseeker. Interests are Drawing, Playing PS2 / Xbox 360, manga. making AMVs Yahoo ID is Silvthetaru feel free to add me.
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Review: Final Fantasy X - Best game this year

Jul 25, 2003

Well if you like even one RPG game I would then advie for you to ge this game it is the best. You start of in a giant machina(machine city)Tidus's home(default name)One day when he was playing Blitball(a game from future) Tidus sees that...

Evan Wellman

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