I came here, expecting to be a part of something. but it was all false hope. neoseeker is weak, nobody cares what they post, as long as they get a post count for it.
Neoseeker is a shell of members, believing to be holding something great. however, whatever it is is hiddenm so the members don't know what they're guarding. they are guarding nothing. some day, the members will see that they are holding nothing, and flee to a new nonexistant treasure.
that day will come. and nothing can be done to stop it. Neoseeker s corrupt, even moderators have fallen for the highest post count problem. and everybody is trying to be formal and impartial. friendships have gone. it's now just a shell. it wil collapse on itself, and be over.
PS. if anyone wishes to edit or remove the facts enclosed herin, then I will demend to have my account, and all presence of my existence removed. if you can't handle the truth, then I would be ashamed to have ever been here.