My trip to New Orleans Aw well, okay. first we made a wrong turn and ended up staying at a motel Thursday night. Friday morning we got up and got there! Only we kept getting lost and couldn't tell where we went. We got to a hotel called Sheraton and stayed there our whole time. We unpacked but my mom's jeep had trouble because some gears kept shifting by themselves and she got a company to tow it to their shop. We got to our room on the 10th floor and we left again to see the city. we went down and stopped at Bubba Gump. It was cool, I liked the shrimp. Shrimp is my favorite seafood. After that we went across and got on this boat ride, it was big and crowded. We got to travel along some parts of the Mississippi River and learned some history of Louisiana. At the end we got off and there where guys there that stayed still that they looked like statues. It was freaky. and we gone up a path to see the Aquarium but didn't go. Me and my sisters got tickets to see a 45 minute 3D film, but I got lagged because I had to use the restroom bad, so only my sisters saw it. So then we went into a mall and got a bite to eat, then we were going back to our hotel when my mom saw a tour thing and signed us all for it. We were gonna see a plantation and go on a swamp tour next day. We got to the hotel and rested, then slept. There's day 1 of our trip. On Saturday, we got up and ate at Wendy's then went to go on our swamp tour, but we went to the plantation first, and we got to saw a house with big rooms and stuff. Especially on the second floor where the three front rooms aside to each other could be come one big ballroom. We got to look around after that and went in a shop very close and bought a drink. We then headed off to the swamp and got a tour there. We learned so many stuff during the swamp tour and some people actually believed that a certain water boy lived there. :laugh: The host also warned us to look out for snakes, that's when he played a trick and scared everyone one (except me ;)) half to death with a fake snake. We got to saw some alligators and raccoons, he fed some of them and let other people try to feed an alligator. I didn't though. It was all good. Later on we got on the bus and they dropped us off back at the Aquarium, but I went to see 3D film I missed on Friday first. After that, we went back at the Aquarium and saw a lot of fish. We saw all the kinds, including frogs, an eagle, and owls. My mom's camera got messed up on one part, the part that tells us how much pictures we took. We also got to touch some star fish. It was all good. We went back to the mall and got some stuff then headed back home, but stopped at a shop so that my mom could see what was wrong with her camera. Then me and my sisters got to do some adventuring in the hotel, seeing what was on the floors. I went up by myself to the very top floor, the 49th floor. When I got there I was hoping I could find a window and look down to see how high I was but there weren't any. But damn... that floor was so frickkin fancy, those rooms where reserved too! I was then thinking if I got caught I'd be in big trouble. I successfully got back, and caught up with my sisters on the 10th floor, got back to our room, the rested and slept. And that's day 2 ;) On Sunday we went to the streets and passed by a voodoo museum and entered it. It was only me and my sisters though, but there were only two rooms. We saw a python though! :D That was the best! My sister tried doing this wishing thing though. No comment. Anyway, w stopped at this museum and saw a bunch of stuff that happens in the Mardi Gras. There were a bunch of cool things, like costumes covered in jewelry and the such. I also took a picture of a big float! Any way, we paid for two museum trips, so after that one, we went to the other one and saw the historical years of Louisiana, and it was just plain "wow." A lot of good and ancient things there. There was a little more but we kind of skipped it and went on back. We got to this mall and ate at Baskin Robins. We got around the floors and got some stuff more or less. We were finally gonna dine at a restaurant but I forgot what it's called. My mom had coupons, so that's why we ate there. The food was good, and then we headed back to the hotel, stopping at stores because my older sister wanted to get masks that she can wear at Mardi Gra, whenever that is. so yeah, they got their masks, we headed to our room and seeped. There's day 3. ^_^ This was our last day here, luckily. In the morning, we stopped at Taco Bell and ate breakfast. We were to come to a point where a bus would pick us up to take us to the cemetery tour. The spot was in front of a little dinning shop and we ate a little more there so time could pass by while we ate. People started gathering around, which I supposed they were gonna go on the tour as well. A lady came and we walked instead of riding on a bus. We walked down some streets, and stopped because she told us some history of this city’s section. We came to a catholic church first, the first catholic church made there. It was pretty amazing, I liked the stained glass windows mostly. We went thru some hallways then out of the church and crossed the road towards the cemetery. It was really nice to see it because the burials were above the ground, not below it. They where like small houses with corpses in them. Anyway, we went down the streets, going to a huge garden filled with different trees and grass everywhere. This was a place where all the slaves back then came together and sing songs and the like. After all that was done, our last trip was to this voodoo thing, which was really short, but the best part was the python she had. Well after this, we go to the hotel, take our stuff, and head on home. And this is our last day of the trip.