Major Lynette Megacoolstar
Jan 25, 09 2:31am
To my dear friend Megacoolstar,
I hope you like the stamp! Thanks, Mega, for being such a great friend and for being someone I can count on. I'll always remember you, forever and ever, until I can tell my grandchildren. Wait... I don't want to think about being old... Scratch that last. Anyway, I hope that I've been as good a friend to you as you've been to me and can continue to do so.

Antarctic Megacoolstar
Dec 25, 08 7:20pm

Hello Megacoolstar! Just stopping by and wishing you a merry Christmas. Thanks again for convincing me to try playing Maplestory! Anyways, I hope all your Christmas Wishes come true!

From, Antarctic
KewlSyrup Megacoolstar
Jul 31, 08 10:57pm
Well i've seen you around the forum, and i decided to say hi.... but you didn't hear me so i took my waffle army and came to invade your guestbook..... my secret weapon?



Jakegamer Megacoolstar
Jul 25, 08 5:34am
I hope you like pikachu cause if you dont OSHI-
Kaylin Megacoolstar
Jun 25, 08 11:51pm
Hey Mega! I'm glad that you are my neo-boyfriend! Im so excited! I really hope it works out and you should meet my neo-parents! They are nice! I bet you have already met them though!
Cloud Me Megacoolstar
Jun 19, 08 9:35pm
Hi There!

you have been stamped by Cloud me!
Little Stargazer Megacoolstar
Jun 16, 08 10:45pm
That really was a cute stamp, mega ^^

Well, here is my plain and simple stamp to sign back with, enjoy:

Skywing Megacoolstar
May 26, 08 3:10am
Hey Mega. Just dropping by to sign your guestbook. *cough* Against my will *cough* JK


See ya around!
sMARTsIMs CO Megacoolstar
Feb 14, 08 4:12am
Sorry this is a little late, but Congratulations on winning the Killer vs. Villiager game by guessing who the Killer was Good work, and happy Valentines Day!
Quierta Megacoolstar
Dec 01, 07 7:37pm
Hey there! Thanks for the guestbook signing. ^__^ You make such awesome posts and thread in the HMDS forum, I just had to sign back!