Feb 25, 10 2:52am
Megacoolstar is being cheated.
Oct 11, 09 5:00am
I wanna dance and party tonight
Oct 11, 09 5:00am
I wanna dance and party tonight
Megacoolstar blogged
Sep 18, 09 7:22pm

So yeah, it's been 3 months since my last blog post. So I'd like to do some catching up. Those 3 months of Boredom? Solved. I'll admit it right now, before this summer, I was a huge nintendo fag. I'd be one of those people where if you said Microsoft or Sony was so much better, we'd get into a big gay fanboy war.
That is, until my eyes were opened, and I spent 300 bucks on an Xbox 360 and 120 on Call of duty 4 and 5. The fun, the arguements, and the blood, and the bullets were enough to keep me satisfied that whole summer. I left my house maybe 3 or 4 times a week, not counting weekends.

Now, to my main focus: Kanye threads.

So, last saturday to yesterday, I went on this 5 day school trip to West Virginia to Whitewater raft, Rappel, rock climb, hike, and Mountain bike. The whole time, cut off from technology. I missed one of my favorite shows, America's best dance crew, and I missed the VMA,, both of which I was looking forward to seeing.
Pretty much, Kanye's always been my favorite rapper since College dropout. That holds true to today, and probably years after when he dies.
So imagine my surprise when I get off a ten hour bus ride, fall asleep, wake up the next morning, head on neoseeker and see the "Obama calls Kanye west a Jackass" thread. Naturally, I'm like "Bull". But then I began to realize something. Many people are pissed, An outstanding amount of threads about Kanye...
I came to a conclusion, Kanye west was being a dick. But not just a regular dick, Noooooo, a super dick. A George Bush doesn't care about black people dick.
Now when I found out what he did like an hour or two ago, I shat bricks.
My two favorite artists from two genres are on the news.
I freaking love Taylor Swift. No exceptions.
I freaking love Kanye West. No exceptions.HKanye just lost a 100 stars of my admiration. he still has like 2 million though.
Taylor rockets ahead with 3 million after that. I'm surprised she didn't go off about this.

Now, set aside, people are blowing this out of proportion.
I've already seen a hundred people on the internet saying he's such a fcking asshole. We all already know that. But then I've seen a butt load more calling him satan. What he did was bad, but he didn't freaking kill her, he just interrupted her speech.
So, to close with, someone pm me please. Seriously, I haven't had a pm in 3 weeks. I feel unloved :(.

Aug 27, 09 8:27pm
says: "Wasting away til school starts."
Jul 31, 09 2:43am
The Destitute prophet.
Megacoolstar blogged
Jun 12, 09 1:39am

Well, I'm super bored. Summers here for me, and I have 104 days of nothing to do.
SO. Blogging community, I need to ask you:
What would you recommend to someone in a predicament such as myself?
And by the way, wtf is up with title limits?

Megacoolstar blogged
Apr 18, 09 11:55pm

Sonic. Probably my favorite Sega mascot. Years ago.
Sonic 1. Probably my favorite Sega game. Ever. Argueably my favorite game of all time.
Sonic 2: Loved it. Finally, a game so awesome with more levels, AND 2 players.
Sonic 3: Nice, Just nice.Sonic had a second rival.

Sonic and Knuckles: Okay. Not to happy about Knuckles joining Sonics side.
It all went downhill from here.
It's best expressed by this:

After Sonic Adventure, So many spin offs happened that IT just wasn't Sonic anymore.
THAT is the extent of Sonic games.
Anyway, I just don't think Sonic should continue.
What do you guys think?
Some of the new games are fun, but It just doesn't seem like Sonic to me.
Megacoolstar blogged
Feb 15, 09 12:06am

South Park, We all know about it, right? IF you don't, It's:

A show that speaks volumes about subjects, through the dirty and in my opinion, hilarious mouths of 4 4th graders living in South Park Colorado. It is well known and listened to primarily because it has a reputation for saying what they feel about issues around the world or that are current, regardless of vulgarity or feeling about the issue.

But, contrary to my tittle, I believe South Park is not simply a love it or hate it show. It's for a lot of people, "Yeah, I like it." One day, but then when they see a episode that makes fun of their group (I say group to say race, age, religion, etc.) It becomes "No, I hate that show" or "I liked it, but now I don't."
Being christian, much like many people in society today, I'm, No, We all (All religions) are easily subject to South park making a show that makes fun of us. Jewish people are made fun of; With one of the main charecters being jewish and another, Eric Cartman, having a Jewish hating personality, this is a great formula for almost endless Jewish hating jokes. Jesus makes occasional appearences, one portraying him being beat up by Satan, another him revealing that St. Peter is a rabbit and a rabbit down his line of family tree should be pope.
Recently, I saw an episode about people who play Guitar hero, who another neo member, Dark Arcanine, touched on in Hera's blog. That it reverses the conflict about people who play guitar hero wasting their time playing the game instead of plaing a real guitar. The episode painted the image that people who play guitar don't give a damn about real guitars and would play all day to unlock everything that they can regardless of time andcommitments. Now, there are people like that out there, but the majority just play the game because it's fun, the purpose of video games (Besides making money.).
So, my question I pose is, Do you agree with my views of South Park being a love it until they target your group or do you just plain hate it? Or do you just love it no matter what and consider the jokes something to laugh about and just be shrugged off?

Megacoolstar blogged
Jan 23, 09 4:56am

Alright, Recently I've been getting into a new band that I've known about, but havent listened to much. Its called Relient K, And I have to say, I love them. I so hate Consequences is one of my favorites.
And in two weeks, I have a presentation I have to make about my favorite artist or band, along with a song by them that I particuarly like. I was commited to Falling Down by Atreyu, but I'm taking any suggestions.

Recently, I've been pretty bored. Luckily, The neo Raffle happens to float by, solving my boredom. I have about 1750 posts left to spend, Which I'm going to use, but I just dont know what to spend it on. Any suggestions, advertisers?

Oh yeah, If you've seen me around, you'll know I don't mostly correctly do contractions. I'll say dont as opposed to don't, and thats because I'm pretty lazy when it comes to that.
I don't really know what I'm going to do in 2 weeks for another presentation on a mathematician named Blaise pascal, Who I must do a report on ocmplete with powerpoint and shiz. So, Basically, I'm spending time blogging and going on neo to relieve my boredom and and helping me procrastiante. Guess I just dont learn, do I?

So, Anyway, What type of music do you guys like that are reading this blog? Feel free to comment in response.

music musingsthoughts random awesome mega bored wii
Megacoolstar blogged
Jan 2, 09 2:27am

Hello all! blogging again to wish you all a happy new year and great fortune!
I dont know about you, but 2008 for me was hell. My Dad died, and my house got robbed, where they ironically only got stuff made by Nintendo and apple. My PS2 was still there, but upon closer analysis by playing, I found it did not work. Christmas brought me great happiness, though I forgot about it until the week of. I got all my stuff back, a new gen ipod nano (I had the 2nd generation), A wii, and a DS.

Anyway, to the topic of this blog. It sucks when you do stuff last minute. Before we left for Winter break (Its for 2 weeks) We were assigned homework. The thursday 2 weeks ago, were assigned a 3 paragraph essay which we would do in class. Unless we had a snow day, in that case It was do electronically to our english teacher by New years. I assigned myself the task of starting the essay on Friday. Ironically, I found that FINALLY, My wireless router that I had bought months before FINALLY worked for My Super Smash Bros Brawl. So, I did that for about 3 days, Essay left untouched and unstarted. On Tuesday, I meant to start, But I assumed if my router worked for SSBB, It'd work For Medal of Honor 2: Heroes.
And it did! that occupied me for a day.
Now we come to wednesday, the day before the essay was due. I finally realized I needed to write this essay, so I got started immediately. Unfortunately, I did both MOH2 and SSBB that day, and occupied my time. I mean, It was just a 3 paragraph essay, I thought, It wouldnt take me more than an hour. Then, I got nostalgic, and I went and played Super mario bros 2. From world 1 to 4 I had fun. It became about 10:30 PM when I went to finish it. Finished the whole thing at 11:30. Finally, at 11:48! I sent the essay as an attachment to my English teacher.
I do believe this blog has gone on for long enough now, so So long people, until my next blog.
Song of the blog- Atreyu- Falling down
Megacoolstar blogged
Jan 1, 09 1:30pm

Recently, I've been playing Super Smash bros Brawl, a game that most any one knows.
Its love it or hate it, but I guess I just defy that and are in the middle.
Currently, I'm maining Link, And I've done a lot of brawls in one day today.
My current record? 2-31.
I'm going to keep on trying to improve, And I wont give up.
Anyway, I've been also getting on msn lately. Hey, if your reading this, feel free to IM me at
Medal of Honor 2 for the Wii si also getting pretty fun. Planning on getting a 360 for my birthday, a ways away in May.
Heh, Rhyme.
Well, It's about 5:30 AM over here, making this my 2nd day in a row of pulling an allnighter.
Thats about the end of the blog here, See ya!
Song of the blog: Relax, take it easy-MIKA

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Megacoolstar blogged
Dec 31, 08 2:07pm

Hello Neo community! Eh, blogging for the first time and not exactly sure what to do.
So, Here goes nothing~
Is it just me, or is french replacing spanish as the language on products just below Engilsh?
Anyway, Recently Got loads of stuff for christmas, And I'm starting to Brawl competitvely and Battle on pokemon Diamond. I'm always looking for a new clan to join on both of those forums, so drop me a pm if you know a good clan.
Anyway, contemplating making a new account cause I'm just to cheap to pay $10. It'll be called something no one will have thought of, and it will be one word.
I've been going on Youtube and looking at all the songs for the next gen system. The Wii's song is my favorite for the beat and the opening. But I lovez my Wii <3. 360 shall be my new lover soon though.
Well, I think I've bored you people enough, so thats the end of this blog post.
Song of the blog:Viva La Vida-Coldplay

musingsthoughts war world wwi first time blogger megacoolstar yayz
Apr 4, 08 1:01pm
Pwned Sylux and kanden, but the dumb time limits after you beat the boss. Dam it. MetroidPrimeHunters
Apr 4, 08 1:01pm
It was evil and hard, but after i beat kraid, it was fun. MetroidZeroMission

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